Galatians 5:16 How To Walk Correctly

“So I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Galatians 5:16

Most people who believe in Jesus and are trying to follow Him, really do not want to be living in sin. They will work at trying to stay out of a sinful lifestyle. Often they will have some sin or another that has a grip on their life that they cannot break.

Believers will read all kinds of books on how to stay away from sin. They will go to their pastor or some other elder in the church on how to live that holy life. Some will even envy others who appear to be living the perfect holy life.

Yet, after doing all these things they still fall into sin on a regular basis. The elder believers will even tell them that there is a lot of sin in their own lives.

The way to stay away from sin, is found in where your focus is. Who or what is guiding your choices in this life?

All sin is putting self before God in one way or another. You are trying to gratify your own personal flesh when you sin. You are trying to put yourself in the place of God. You are choosing to follow the guidance of someone or something that is not God.

Paul points out that walking by the Spirit is the way to keep from sin. This is being led by the Holy Spirit. When you are being led by God’s Holy Spirit you will not be led into doing wrong. God will never tempt you to sin. He will never tell you to sin. God will always lead you into do the correct action, whether it is a physical, mental or spoken action.

You need to be reading God’s Word to hear what God says about different situations in your life, and obey that Word. You need to slow down your life and listen to what God is saying to you and obey it. Be willing to obey the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life. The more you follow God, the less you will sin.

You will never completely not sin, but you can lessen how much you sin, by following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Be led today.

I pray today that you will hear from God’s Holy Spirit; that you will allow yourself to be led by God; that you will turn away from all sin; that you will walk by the Spirit and not gratify your flesh; and that God will use you to build His kingdom.

Romans 13:14 How To Keep From Sin

“Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.” Romans 13:14

Paul had just made the statement that every believer must wake up and put off all types of sinful acts. These sinful acts are called the deeds of darkness. Now he states that instead of acting in these sinful ways one is to put on Jesus Christ and not even think about how to gratify the desires of the flesh.

Many believers know that they should not be doing anything sinful. Often people will have old habits that they cannot seem to break. The sinful act has a bind on them that does not seem to leave.

In the verse today it gives a very simple two part answer. The first part is to clothe yourself with the Lord Jesus Christ. This is to make Jesus Christ The Lord and Master of your life. He is the one who is to be in absolute control of your life, not you. He is the one who is to control every part of your life–every move, thought, action, and word you make.

The second part is to not even think about how to gratify the desires of your flesh. The flesh is the sinful part of human beings, not the physical flesh. These desires are selfish and sinful against God and others. Here it states to not even think about it.

The mind is very powerful. It can control your attitudes, abilities and actions. If you set your mind to something it can usually be done, as long as your mind is willing to overcome every obstacle. This includes sin. For most people not committing an actual murder is easy because they do not really think about actually doing it. However, with jealousy, it is easy because it starts with thinking about what you do not have and what others do have. Sexual sins start out with a thought and builds from there.

Keep your mind on Jesus. Don’t give any room for sinful thoughts. Don’t even allow room for gratifying the sinful nature in your life. Think about Jesus and what He would do. Think about what Jesus did for you. Transform your mind to that of Jesus and you will overcome sin.

I pray today that you will clothe yourself with Jesus; that you will turn away from all sin; that you will only think about Jesus; and that God will strengthen you to keep Jesus Lord of your life.