Matthew 18:15 Point It Out

If your brother sins, go and point out his fault, just between the two of you. If he listens to you, you have won him over. Matthew 18:15

Being told that one is wrong is not something anyone likes to hear. People desire to be told that they are right or doing great.

In America people desire it so much that they require every child to get a winning award, regardless of how badly they perform. In the world’s eyes, no one can really do wrong, it is all a matter of perspective.

Jesus talked about if someone sins, a fellow brother should go a point it out in a private conversation.

The world is not the only ones who do not like to be told that they are wrong, many believers are the same way. When someone points out a sin in someone else, everyone is quick to say that no one is to judge others. This is not judging, but just pointing out a fault that needs to be dealt with.

True love will let another person know when there is something dangerous occurring. Sin is a dangerous act. It separates one from God and mars the witness.

If one sees another sinning and does nothing about it, he is showing hatred for that person. He is wanting the person to die in his sins and go to eternal punishment in hell.

Jesus wants His followers to love the person enough to point out the sin and to guide him back onto the path God has for him. The action of pointing out that sin is to be done in love, mercy and grace, just as God does with every believer. Doing this will build a person up in Jesus and not allow him to fall away.

As a believer someone else may see a sin in you and approach you about it. Do not take offense to the approach, but hear it and learn from it. Draw closer to God by changing your ways.

At the same time do not fear helping another believer who is stepping into sin. Keep your words full of God’s love, mercy and grace, but point out faults to help them grow more like Jesus and closer to God.

Do not use the situation or action to condemn or judge the person’s salvation, but only to build them up in Jesus.

Today I pray that God will reveal faults in your life; that you will change to be more like Jesus; that you will reveal faults in others with God’s love, mercy and grace; and that you will work to build others up in Jesus.

Ezekiel 20:44 God Deals Differently

Mountain and lake

You will know that I am the Lord, when I deal with you for my name’s sake and not according to your evil ways and your corrupt practices, you people of Israel, declares the Sovereign Lord. Ezekiel 20:44 

When a crime is committed by a person, people want the person to pay for it. They want punishment to be brought upon the person.

Generally most people want the punishment to fit the crime. The more serious the crime, the greater the punishment. No one wants a person who stole a piece of candy to get a death sentence. At the same time, many want the person who murdered a person in cold-blood to get the death sentence.

Ezekiel tells that people that God is telling them that He will not deal with them as their evil ways dictate. God works in a different way and will have mercy upon them.

Most people do not really see how sinful sin is. They do not see how bad every sin is regardless of how great or how little it is. Many think that little sins can be overlooked and forgotten. Yet, with God all sin is sin. And all sin is punishable by death for eternity.

No one can say that they have never sinned, so everyone can have, and does, the judgement of death upon their heads. Yet, God in His great love and mercy, chose not to destroy them. He is willing to forgive and move forward.

God does this for His namesake, not because of something the people did. It shows His true character of true love and mercy.

Every believer has been forgiven and, yet, sins again, hopefully unintentionally. At that point he deserves death…again. Yet God still has mercy and forgives…again. God does not want to kill, but to make alive.

As a believer, you have already seen some of the mercy and love of God. There will be times when you will make a mistake and fall into a sin. Do not give up trying to live for God. Go back to Him for His love, mercy and forgiveness.

God is not out to destroy or condemn you. He is right there waiting to love and forgive you. Give God the chance to forgive you. Then strive to live for Him, being led by His Holy Spirit. God will work with you as you allow Him too. God is a God of love and mercy.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know the forgiveness Jesus offers; that you will live for God; and that you will know God’s love and mercy for you and others.