August 3, 2019 Verse Of The Day

Proverbs 19-21

A Bird, Purpose, And God

One of my sons, Kyle, wrote this post on Facebook about an experience he had encountered and his link of it to God. 

Today during the thunderstorm I walked outside to set something out on the porch.

When I walked out there I saw this little bird it had something wrapped up when it’s leg. So I unwrapped it’s leg. When I did it jumped off the porch and then it sat there on the ground. I knew that if it stayed on the ground it probably wouldn’t be safe so I picked it up and I put it back on the porch. And it jumped off again I picked it up and put it back on the porch. It jumped off again. So then I decided it would be safer if I put it inside. I waited til the storm was over and released it.

There are many times in our life where we want to go places we cannot go. But we go anyway but God is gracious enough to pick us up again and again. Until he sets you in a place where you can go nowhere else.

You see that bird had no idea that I had a purpose for where I put it. It had no idea that I had a timing for when I was going to release it.
The bird was scared at first and then it became comfortable then it wanted to be set free but the rain was still pouring.

Doing what God wants you to do maybe scary going where God wants you to go also maybe a scary. This is where you have to have faith in God that in his own purpose in his own time. What he has in store for us will be released.

So do not struggle with where God has you do not be afraid with where God has you. Because what you may not know is that you are not ready. You see if that bird was bigger I would have left it outside for it would have known what to do.

In God’s good time and in God’s perfect will what he has in store for you will come and you will know what to do.

Psalm 64:9 Pondering God’s Work

All people will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and ponder what he has done. Psalm 64:9

David started out this psalm complaining to God about his enemies and needing help. His enemies were speaking badly about him and seeking to kill him. David knew that God would destroy his enemies and bring them to ruin. Once that happened all the people would fear God proclaiming what He had done and pondering it.

God is at work all the time. He does not take a day off for vacation. Most people do not see God’s hand at work, because they are not looking for it.

People are seen to rise to power and are seen as effective in what they do. Others are very successful at accomplishing something and are seen as very lucky or very skilled. Yet, others are seen to be destroyed and they are seen as unlucky or others as successful in bringing that person down.

Behind all of these is the hand of God at work.

Believers often pray for healing, and then give the doctor praise for the healing. They do not always talk about the work that God is doing.

David said the people would ponder what God has done. Pondering is thinking very carefully about something. The people will look at what God has done and determine what it means.

Everything that God does has a purpose. The main purpose is to bring people to Him and give Him glory. Everything is to point to Jesus and God.

On the surface there are things that may be happening that appear to be out of God’s control, but they are not. There are things that may happen that appear to be the work of man’s hand, but they are not. God is the only one that has true control and abilities.

As you go through your days and see things happening, both in your personal life and the world around you, locally to internationally, ask God to open your eyes to what He is doing. Think about those things that are happening and see how God can be using them for His glory. Proclaim to others what God is doing and how much more He can and will do.

Ponder what God has done and be the witness in this world that Jesus called you to be.

I pray today that God will open your eyes to what He is doing; that you will remember what God has done; that you will proclaim what God has done; and that you will give God praise for what He has done.