2 Corinthians 12:15 How Much Will You Give Of Yourself For Others?

So I will very gladly spend for you everything I have and expend myself as well. If I love you more, will you love me less? 2 Corinthians 12:15

Normally people give of themselves in order to get something in return. They are more than willing to go the extra mile when there is a huge benefit for themselves in the end.

Sometimes that benefit may be physical benefits, such as money, while other times it is social/emotional benefits, such as accolades from others. Either way it is often for personal reasons that a person gives of themselves to another.

Paul reveals his concern for the Corinthians. He tells them that he is very willing to give completely of himself and everything he has for their benefit.

Jesus gave one hundred percent of Himself, when He died upon the cross, for each and every person to save them. He did not hold anything back that might be needed. And this was done while the people still hated Him and wanted nothing to do with Him.

Believers need to have the same attitude when being a witness for Jesus. However, many in the church are being just like those in the world, wanting the self praises of people. They will do ministry and reaching out to people, but they do the absolute minimum possible.

Some will hold back their best, because they are more concerned about themselves, than they are of others. As this is done, the world sees and understands that the believer really does not care for them.

When a believer gives of all he has, both physically and emotionally, the world will see it. They will see the love of God through that believer. In seeing that selfless love, people will choose to follow Christ.

As a believer God will always open doors for you to give of yourself and what you have in order to be a witness to others. You have a choice as to how much you are willing to give.

Be willing to give one hundred percent of yourself and what you have to reach the lost. As you give of yourself, God will pour back into you everything that you need and more.

Just as Jesus gave of Himself, and then God restored Him and exalted Him above all, so God will also restore you and raise you up. Do it with a willing and joyful heart.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will love as God loves; that you will give of yourself to reach others for Jesus; that God will meet all of your needs; and that God’s kingdom will grow through you.

John 12:3 Pour Out The Best

Then Mary took about a pint of pure nard, an expensive perfume; she poured it on Jesus’ feet and wiped his feet with her hair. And the house was filled with the fragrance of the perfume. John 12:3

When it comes to giving someone something, very few people will give up their best, most treasure item. Anything of extreme high value is kept for one’s own pleasure.

The item can be of high monetary or sentimental value and either a physical or non-physical item. Either way people like to keep it to themselves for many reasons.

While Jesus was eating a meal, Mary came and poured out some extremely expensive perfume on His feet and then dried His feet with her hair.

Most believers are willing to give, but many will not give their best. They will often give the rejects, unwanted, or leftovers.

It is common for some to suddenly at the end of the day, when they are tired and exhausted, to suddenly stop for a minute or two to pray for the first time that day or to read one or two verses. This is done out of duty or obligation, not heart’s desire. It is not giving what is best, but just the leftovers.

This type of giving is also seen in offerings, talents, ministry and other ways of giving. People want to hold on to the best for themselves, rather than give their best to God.

The believer who truly understands what Jesus has done for him and given to him, will want to give his best to Him. He will quickly pour out all of his best to serve and honor God with everything in him. He will not hold anything back, trusting God to provide for all of his needs.

As you go through your days, you will have many opportunities to pour out something for God. God will not force you to give anything, because He wants it done from your heart, not out of obligation or duty.

What are you giving God? Are you waiting until all the bills are paid and your selfish desires are met, before you give God something? Are you pouring out your best efforts for the things of this world, or for God?

Each day you have a choice as to what and how much you will give to God. Be willing to pour out all of the best and see God reward you greatly for your faithfulness to Him.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will give all of yourself to Him; that you will give God your best; and that you will hold nothing back from God.

Luke 21:4 How Much Are You Giving?

All these people gave their gifts out of their wealth; but she out of her poverty put in all she had to live on. Luke 21:4

It is very common for the wealthy to give money to charities to help them out. Often it is done out of their excess money and in order to get a tax break later on. It is seldom done in a way that it breaks into the money needed to survive on.

This type of giving is actually often followed by most people, whether they are poor or wealthy.

Jesus had seen a widow give just a few pennies into the offering at a temple. He said that she gave out of her need, giving more than the wealthy.

The practice of giving out of excess wealth is just as common in the church as it is in the world. Many believers give as little as possible, the ten percent or less.

This way of giving is found not only in giving of tithes and offerings, but also in giving others parts of one’s life for God.

Many believers will give just a little bit of their time to prayer or studying God’s word. Often they will give even less to witnessing or discipling others. The giving is done out of their excess time or money, but not what they live on.

From Genesis to Revelation, believers are told to love God with all of their life, not just a part. This means that one is to give all that he is and has to God for God to work with.

As a believer gives everything to God for His work, God will provide all that is needed. The provision can be in food, finances, health, strength, energy, favor and more. The giving believer will never see a lack of what is needed, because he is trusting God in giving everything.

As you give to God of your money, time and efforts, determine how much are you really giving. Are you giving only out of your excess or out of your left overs? Or are you giving it all?

Do not be stingy or selfish in your giving of offerings and services.

Jesus gave all He had to give you life. He laid His life down for you. Be willing to give everything you have for God. See how God will honor that and meet all of your needs in abundant ways.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your savior; that you will know what God gave you; that you will know God’s provision for your life; and that you will give all of your life for God to use.