Romans 11:11 Not Beyond Recovery

Road In the desert

Again I ask: Did they stumble so as to fall beyond recovery? Not at all! Rather, because of their transgressions, salvation has come to the Gentiles to make Israel envious. Romans 11:11

Paul is telling about how the Israelites had fallen away from God. They had chosen to not follow God any more. This opened the door for God to provide salvation for all people, both the Israelites and Gentiles.

People who have done something extremely bad are often seen as beyond recovery. Many believe that there is no longer any hope for the person, because of how bad the action or actions were.

There was a time in America that when a person was convicted of certain felony crimes more than three times, he was no longer given any more chances. He would be put into prison for life or lose some other privilege for life. There was no longer any hope of recovery for the person.

There are many individuals that have been in the church and believed in God, that have fallen into the same belief. Some action has been done against God that caused the person to fall away from God. He turned his back on God and went the way of the world. Now he feels that there is no longer any hope, that God will not allow him to come back.

God does not work that way. He is a God full of love, grace and mercy. He wants to bring all people back to Him. Regardless of what was done in the past, God is right there, ready with open arms to welcome the person back into His family and relationship. God wants to save everyone, regardless of what he has done in the past.

You may be in a place where you have stepped away from God. You may feel as though there is no hope of recovery of your relationship with God. Although the sin may be great, God is greater.

Just as with the Israelites, there is still hope. If you have breath in your lungs, you can turn to God. God has made a way for you to recover from your sinful lifestyle. 

Be willing to seek forgiveness from Jesus, and He will give it to you. Turn from sin back to God, and receive the salvation that He has provided in Jesus. You are not beyond recovery.

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus provides you; that you will seek the forgiveness from God; that you will build your relationship with God; and that you will be a witness of the salvation Jesus provides.



Romans 11:32 Bound To Disobedience For A Purpose

“For God has bound everyone over to disobedience so that he may have mercy on them all.” Romans 11:32

Paul now has brought up some interesting points on disobedience. God had to have a perfect sacrifice in order to take away the sins of the people. Jesus was to be that perfect sacrifice. The Israelites had to disobey God in order for Jesus to be crucified on the cross. Their disobedience was the benefit to all Gentiles. Without Jesus dying on the cross, no Gentile could be saved.

Moving on to the Gentiles, Paul also states that they were bound to disobedience for the sake of the Israelites. God is able to show mercy to the Gentiles and bring them salvation through Jesus. Salvation is the very thing the Israelites were seeking from God in the Old and New Testament times. They are still seeking it to this day. When they start seeing God working in the lives of Gentiles, providing favor and salvation, it will stir their hearts to seek God more. It will create a jealousy that God is saving the “filthy” Gentiles instead of themselves. This will allow God to open their hearts to Jesus and receive the gift of salvation that He provides.

It is only by the mercy of God that anyone can be saved. It is not by any works that a person does. You cannot earn your salvation and it does not come by natural inheritance. It is only a gift of mercy from God.

The Israelites only saw salvation by earning it or by blood inheritance. Most only people see it the same way. Salvation is offered to everyone freely.

God bound everyone to disobedience because everyone has chosen to sin against Him since the time of Adam. God is using this disobedience to bring about His purpose. His goal is to save everyone, both Jew and Gentile.

Where do you see yourself in God’s plans for this world? Are you striving to live in obedience to Him?

Are you open to everyone having an opportunity to know Jesus and be saved by Him?

Are you telling everyone about what Jesus has done for them?

I pray today that you will know the mercy God has for you; that you will know the mercy God has for others; that you will know what Jesus has done for you and others; and that you will tell others about Jesus so He can show His mercy to them.