Deuteronomy 7:26 Keep Your House Clean

garbage can

Do not bring a detestable thing into your house or you, like it, will be set apart for destruction. Regard it as vile and utterly detest it, for it is set apart for destruction. Deuteronomy 7:26

Keeping the house clean is something most people want to have. There are some people who are obsessed with keeping the house clean, while there are others who do not care about their house. They allow the house to get dirty and stay dirty nearly all the time.

Very few people would openly say that they want someone to bring dirt and garbage into their house, regardless of how clean or dirty their house is. They know that garbage is not good to have.

Yet, everyday people are filling their houses with garbage on purpose. They will allow movies, books, music, internet, and more that is filled with garbage into their homes. The world sees most of this garbage as good and not as the filthy sin as God sees the garbage.

Moses told the Israelites to not bring anything that the nations they destroy have, that is detestable, into their house. Everything of the world was to be destroyed because of the sin it was.

Along with the world, many believers are allowing garbage to enter their homes. They watch the same movies, listen to the same music, see the same internet, read the same books and magazines, and more, allowing sin into their lives. This garbage is often praised as good, not the filth God calls sin. Many will try to claim the freedom that they have in Jesus to bring in the filth. Yet, that filth is meant for destruction.

Those who allow sin into their lives, will be set apart for destruction by God. God does not, nor every will condone sin in the life of a believer. There is no room for garbage.

Think of the things that you allow into your home or life. This can be in your physical home or in your life when not at your physical house. Does it honor God? Or is it an abomination to God?

The things, ways, beliefs of this world are being set apart for destruction. Any person who holds on the things, ways, or beliefs of this world, will also be set apart for destruction.

Keep your house clean from any garbage or sin of this world.

I pray today that God will reveal garbage in your life; that your life will be dedicated to God; that you will allow God to clean your home/life; and that you will destroy all things that are a sin against God in your life. 

Leviticus 3:6 Offerings Without Defect


If you offer an animal to the LORD, you are to offer a male or female without defect. Leviticus 3:6

There are many different organizations that are willing to take donations of things to help other people. Two large organizations that do this are the Salvation Army and Goodwill. People are often willing to donate many different items to these organizations.

However, many of these donations are second hand items that are worn out or out of date items. While offering these things is better than nothing, it is not giving the best. It is often giving the leftovers or the unwanted things, rather than giving with joy and sharing the best.

As God was setting up the rules for the Israelites on giving offerings one of the things He stated was that the offerings had to be without defect. At the time, many of the offerings were animals. People would bring in animals that were no longer wanted, because of some defect in the animal. It was not an honor to bring those to God, they would dishonor God with a defective animal. They were not bring their best.

Although animals are no longer offered as sacrifice or an offering to God, people do bring offerings to God. Instead of bringing a defective animal, they bring what is leftover. Spending time with God in prayer is often hurried and as a last minute thought. Giving praise to God is often just a short quick praise or thanks with little to no thought or heart put into it.

The time and things given to God, should be the best and with full heart, not the leftovers or the broken. Offerings are to come from the first fruits, the best, not what is not really wanted or desired.

As you give your offerings and time to God, think about how you are giving and what are you giving to God. Are you giving God the best of  your time, things and abilities, or are you giving the leftovers and what you do not want?

God knows your heart and reason for giving. He also knows what your abilities are. Do not disappoint God with bringing only the unwanted garbage and things you do not want to God. Give only the best. Trust God to take care of you when you bring Him the best offerings to honor Him with all of your heart and life.

I pray today that you will desire to give to God what you have; that you will give only the best to God; that you will trust God with your giving to Him; and that your offerings to God will not be the leftovers or unwanted things only, but the best.

Psalm 66:10 Tested And Refined

For you, God, tested us; you refined us like silver. Psalm 66:10

Very few people look forward to a test. Unless a person knows that he is completely ready for that test, with absolutely no fear of failing it, tests are usually dreaded.

Even once the test is over and a person has passed the test, very few enjoyed it. Most look at the test wondering why they had to take it or why some of the questions were even on the test. Tests are rarely looked at as a good thing, unless given to someone else.

The psalmist had been talking about giving God praise and singing songs of praise to God for what He had done. One of the things he praised God for, was for being tested and refined.

Testing is a process of verifying what a person should know and how they would do things. It is also a refining process.

Refining silver is the process in which a person removes all the bad stuff out of the silver metal. Silver, straight from the ground, has many other things, than just silver, mixed into it. It needs to be cleaned out. The best process of removing that garbage is heating up the metal and putting it through the test of fire. Doing that is hot and painful.

In your life as a believer, God does the same testing and refining process. As God puts you through a test to refine you. He is working at removing the garbage, sin, in your life. God wants you to walk, talk, think, and act just like Jesus.

That testing and refining period can, and most likely will be, painful. It is the time of removing things from your life that you have allowed in, that God does not want there.

Some people look at that time of process as a time when God hates them or is being mean. Do not look at it that way. It is God showing His true love for you. If He did not love you, then He would let you live with garbage in your life, but He does love you and care for you.

God will not allow garbage to remain in you.

Will you give God praise for what He is doing in your life, even if it is painful?

Allow God to test and refine you into the image of Jesus.

I pray today that you will see God’s testing of you as an act of love; that you will allow God to change you; that you will give God praise for all He does; and that you will shine like Jesus.

Philippians 3:8 All Is Garbage

“What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for who sake I have lost all things. I consider them garbage, that I may gain Christ” Philippians 3:8

Getting things, knowledge, or abilities is the focus of most people. Some of those things are not necessarily bad in and of themselves. It is not bad to desire a nice house for your family, or a good running vehicle, or the talent or education to do a job. These things can be good.

However, some people go for these things in the extreme. Their whole life focuses on getting some of these things. Men and women will put in eighty hour work weeks in order to get the next promotion, so that they can get more money, so that they can purchase that newest car or house. Others will go the extra thousands into debt in order to get a title behind their name. Parents often push their children in school so that they can get into a prestigious college. All of these things can be good, but are they what God wants?

Paul had been a great leader among the Pharisees of his day. He had great schooling, knowledge and position. Yet, now he states that it is all garbage in light of knowing Jesus more.

How much do you want to know Jesus? What do you do that takes your time away from knowing Jesus more?

This time stealer can be anything from shooting for that position at work, to just spending time on Facebook or other social media. What is more important to you? Spending time socializing, doing a hobby, working? Or getting to know Jesus more?

You get to know Jesus more by spending time with Him. Take more time to read and study the Bible. Take more time to spend in prayer and worship of Jesus. All these other things may be good, but they are temporary. Be like Paul in seeing all these things as just garbage getting in the way of knowing Jesus.

Everyone throws out the garbage and wants nothing to do with it. Will you allow garbage to get in your life? Seek Jesus. He is worth it. Knowing Him is the greatest thing you can ever do or have.

I pray today that you will know Jesus more and more; that you will spend more time to know Jesus than with anything else; that God will strengthen and provide for you as you get to know Jesus more; and that you will draw closer to Jesus each day.