Jeremiah 6:13 Being Greedy

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“From the least to the greatest all are greedy for gain; prophets and priests alike, all practice deceit.” Jeremiah 6:13

Greed is something that is rampant among people all over the world. Desiring more and more for self is extremely common among men and women of all walks of life.

All throughout music, books, movies and television greed can be seen. No one wants to deny themselves anything. No matter how much they have, they want some more.

In the work place greed is seen in both the worker and the employer. The worker wants more money, the boss wants more work for less pay. Greed is everywhere.

With having so much greed, people will do whatever they can to get more and more.

God accuses the nation of Israel of being greed and practicing deceit. He even accuses the prophets and the priests of being greedy.

Greed started with Adam and Eve in the garden wanting to be more like Jesus. It is at the root of all sin and continues to this day.

The church today also has a lot of greed inside of it. Pastors and leaders show greed at wanting more money, bigger buildings, bigger ministries to make themselves look bigger and better. Individuals reveal greed in the fighting for certain things in the church that has nothing to do with the gospel message.

Prayers will often reveal greed. People pray to God asking for many things for themselves that has nothing to do with building them up in Christ or reaching the lost. God’s first focus is salvation and second is making people more like Jesus. It is all about self—greed.

Jesus did not come to this earth for Himself, but for people. He gave His life for people, not to gain things or to be greedy. Every believer needs the same attitude as Jesus had of sacrificing self for God and others.

You can examine your own life and see where greed may be creeping in. Take a look at your prayers and see if there is any greed laced throughout them.

What is your focus in this life? What is your purpose? Is it for self and selfish gain? Or is it to be more like Jesus and to make more people like Jesus?

Allow God to be on the throne of your heart. He can remove the greed in your life as you are filled with His eternal love for Him and others. Do not allow yourself to be guilty of greed.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will love others as God loves you; that you will desire what God wants more than anything else; that you will be content with what God blesses you with; and that God will help you remove all greed in your life. 

Psalm 108:13 Gain The Victory

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With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies. Psalm 108:13 

Throughout history there have been many battles among men. One man is an enemy to another and they are willing to fight each other. The reasons for being enemies are as numerous as the stars in the sky. The most common reason for being enemies is that one wants to have full power and control.

Not everyone is able to get victory over the enemy. With man, alone, there is usually one that wins and one that loses. In order to win, one must have more power, cunning, and favor in the battle. The details are also very numerous as to what will make the winning battle.

David knew how to win the battle against the enemy. He knew that with God he and all Israel would gain the victory.

Every person has an enemy, however, the enemy is not people as the world sees it. The enemy is not nations, governments or groups. These were the types of enemies that David was facing, but that has changed for mankind. The greatest enemy that people have in the world is spiritual forces of evil.

The spiritual forces of sexual immorality, greed, pride, hatred, vengeance, violence, gossip, false gods and many more are the real enemy of every person.

These are enemies that cannot be fought with physical hands and guns. All the

laws in the land will not be able to destroy these spiritual forces. In reality, the more that laws are made against spiritual forces, the stronger they become. People love to do what they are told not to do. This is how the Old Testament law brought about the realization that men needed something more than the law to save them.

The only way to beat a spiritual force is with God’s Spirit.

As you face the spiritual forces of evil in your life, you must allow yourself to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. Then allow God’s Spirit to give you the ability to trample down the spiritual forces.

With God’s Spirit in you, He will give you the ability to say ‘No’ to temptations presented to you. He will give you wisdom in using His word to defeat the enemy. God can give you the words to speak to crush the arguments of this world.

With God’s Holy Spirit, you will gain the victory over the enemy. You will be able to crush the enemy and all of his strongholds in your life and in the lives of others.

I pray today that you will know God’s power in your life; that you will be filled with His Holy Spirit; that you will be guided by God’s Spirit; and that God will give you victory over the enemy.