Deuteronomy 23:23 Keep Your Word

Handshake promise

Whatever your lips utter you must be sure to do, because you made your vow freely to the LORD your God with your own mouth. Deuteronomy 23:23

Every day millions of people make promises about something to someone. This can be promises to other people or to God. At the same time there are millions of people who break their promises and do not fulfill what they said they would do.

Breaking the promise is such a common problem, that people have to sign extremely detailed contracts to make a promise on many things. These contracts are legally binding writings stating that the person will do what was promised, or there will be consequences.

During the time of Moses, having a written contract was not common, it was just the word of the person. God tells them that they must keep their promise, because it was the person who freely, from his own mouth, made the promise.

It does not matter why or how the promise was made, it must be kept, despite the consequences. People will come up with every excuse possible as to why they have to break the promise. Yet, it must be kept. God holds the person accountable for that promise.

Many people will also make a sudden rash promise to God in the heat of the moment. Often this is done to make God happy with them and to get Him to change the situation. God will hold that person responsible for that promise.

God always keeps every promise He has ever made. He is and will be faithful forever to His word. Believers are to be just like God and keep their promises. They are not to suddenly refuse to keep the promise, regardless of how hard it may be to keep it.

Jesus kept His promise to you in providing you salvation and forgiveness for your sins. Keeping His promise cost Him His life. He had to die on the cross in order to keep His promise to save you.

Each day you have options on what you will say and what you will do. As a believer, you must always be a person of your word. Fulfill every promise that you make. Every time you make a promise to anyone, remember that you are also making that promise to God, and He will hold you accountable.

Be careful what you say, and always keep your promise.

I pray today that you will only speak what God wants you to say; that God will strengthen you to keep your word; that God will see you as faithful to your word; and that God will help you to keep from making rash promises. 

Genesis 21:1 God Fulfills His Promises

Pinky promise

Now the LORD was gracious to Sarah as he had said, and the LORD did for Sarah what he had promised. Genesis 21:1

Promises are something that people hear about all the time. Promises are made by many different people for many different reasons. Many of the promises are made by close friends, while others are made by others who are known, but not close.

While many promises are made, there are very few that are always kept. Excuses are made as to why a promise could not be kept, or blame is laid upon someone else for not fulfilling the promise. So many promises are broken, that many people do not trust very many people to fulfill a promise. It is often expected that a person will not fulfill the promise.

This feeling of distrust often extends over to God. Sarah and Abraham had always wanted to have a child of their own, but Sarah was unable to have one. At one point, when they were both very old, an angel came to them and told them that God has promised that they would have their own child. Sarah did not really believe God’s word, because of her age. At the time Sarah and Abraham had their child, they were both well beyond their child-bearing years. Yet, God fulfilled His promise to Sarah at the right time.

God has promised every believer many different things. Yet, many believers do not believe that God will fulfill His promise. Since men do not keep their promises, God is not expected to keep His.

If a believer will believe that God will do everything that He says He will do, he will live his life very differently. God has promised provision, life, direction, wisdom, love, peace, strength, salvation and much more. Just as God fulfilled His promise to Sarah and Abraham, He will fulfill His promises today.

Think of all of the promises God has made to you. These can be the ones directly written in the bible, or ones you heard God speak to you in your heart. Are you trusting that God will fulfill those promises? Are you acting upon those promises?

God’s timing for fulfilling His promises may not always seem to be the best time, but they are. God will fulfill His promise at the perfect time. God will never be late or early in doing what He has said He will do for you. Trust His word today.

I pray that you will know the promises God has made; that you will trust God’s promise to you; that you will live upon God’s promises; and that you will trust God’s timing to fulfill His promises.