Jeremiah 2:1-2 Do You Still Have First Love?

The word of the LORD came to me: “Go and proclaim in the hearing of Jerusalem: “This is what the LORD says: “‘I remember the devotion of your youth, how as a bride you loved me and followed me through the wilderness, through a land not sown.'” Jeremiah 2:1-2

When a person is in love to the point of getting married, he is usually in head over heels in love with the bride. The bride is also madly in love with the groom at the point of getting married.

Both of them look at each other as the greatest in the world, that there can be no fault in the other. They desire to spend time together, doing anything and everything together. Often the things they do will include doing crazy little things together. All of this is because of love.

The first months together as a married couple will be seen as fully devoted to each other. They will follow each other everywhere one goes, regardless of how hard it is. This is first love devotion.

The sad part is that many marriages do not stay that way. Many, and often within the first year to two years, fall out of that first love for each other. They begin to get discontented with each other. Many begin to wonder what they ever saw in each other and why they loved each other.

God is looking at Israel in these verses and remembering their first love for Him. They started off dedicated to Him and following Him everywhere. Israel had forgotten their first love and dedication to God. The chose to not follow Him any more.

Take a good look at your life. Remember back to when you first chose to follow God. Think of the reasons why you chose to follow God. Think about how much love you had for God and what you would do for Him at that time.

Is that love for God still the same?

Or have you allowed your love for God to fall away?

Many people, like Israel, have chosen to let their crazy love for God to calm down. They are no longer madly in love with God and begin to not follow Him everywhere He goes.

Renew your first love and devotion to God. Make Him first and foremost in your life, and start following Him again through the wilderness of this life.

I pray today that you will remember your first love for God; that you will be dedicated to God; that you will follow God everywhere; and that you will tell others of your love for God.

Revelation 2:4 Putting Jesus On The Shelf

“Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.” Revelation 2:4

In either a vision or in reality, John sees Jesus. He is told to write down some information. Some of this is some letters to the churches. The first church was Ephesus.

Jesus had some good things to say about the church. They stood strong against false teachings and practices, and they had persevered through a lot of hardships for Him. However, He had one negative thing to say. That was they had forsaken the love they had at first.

This first love was Jesus. They had went from constantly seeking Him, spending time with Him, desiring only Him, and talking with Him to being with everyone else or just by themselves.

Think about how you would feel if someone who you loved dearly and that person constantly tried to spend time with you, all of a sudden stopped calling? Or that person started spending all the time with someone else besides you? It would cause pain and hurt.

Jesus is the same way. When someone who has spent lots of time with Him suddenly stays away, He is hurt. You as an individual are a part of the church. The church is supposed to be the body of Jesus, who is the Head. If you separate the body and the head, there is a problem.

Even today, there are many in the church who claim to follow Jesus. They carry a Bible and go to church regularly and even pray at every meal. Yet, when it comes to the day-to-day life, many forget about Jesus. They try to do everything on their own. They don’t live in sinful practices, but they don’t seek Jesus. They don’t seek His guidance, presence and wisdom. They have forgotten their first love.

Many when they became Christian could not stop spending time with Jesus. Later in the business and cares of life, they forsake Him and put time with Him on the shelf.

Remember the love you had for Jesus when you first believed in Him. Remember how you sought Him out.

Are you still there or closer to Him?

Are have you put Him on the shelf and forsaken Him?

I pray today that you will renew your love for Jesus; that you will spend time everyday throughout the day with Him; that you will live and breathe with Jesus on the forefront of your mind; and that you will have a strong growing relationship with Jesus.

Revelation 2:4 Forsaken Love

“Yet I hold this against you: You have forsaken the love you had at first.” Revelation 2:4

Jesus starts to talk to John telling him things of the present and of the future. The beginning of His talk He talks about seven churches. The first is the church of Ephesus.

He gives them praise for their hard work and perseverance and stand against wicked people. They would make sure that anyone who claimed to be an apostle was actually one.

Then the hard news hits. He gives them the bad news that they have forsaken their first love. What is this first love? It is the love they had for God when they first started following Jesus.

How can someone lose that first love while still claiming to be a Christian? They know the words to speak; they attend church every time the doors are open; they wear a Christian t-shirt; and for all practical purposes they sounded like a good Christian.

Yet, in spite of all these good things they are doing, they do not have a true relationship with Jesus. There is no time spent in the Bible or in prayer or in true worship. They have lost their first love.

Think about a couple who are getting ready to get married in a few months. They cannot stand being away from each other. They know each others thoughts, likes and desires. Each one is their first love.

Later, too often, in the marriage the love dwindles done and their first love is lost. Many end up getting divorced because they are no longer in love with each other.

This same type of love can be found in your walk with Jesus. The church of Ephesus started with a bang, but then fizzled out.

Look at your own life. What gets you excited? What do you love to talk about? What is on the forefront of your mind?

Is the answer to all of these questions Jesus? Is your focus on God and His kingdom? Or is it on yourself and your own little kingdom?

Today, if you have lost your first love with Jesus, seek Him and get it back. If you have not lost that first love, keep it going. Stay in touch with Jesus all day, every day. Keep Him and His kingdom in the front of your mind and all that you do. May God not be able to say the same things to you as He did to the church of Ephesus.

I pray that today God will help you to renew your love for Him; that God will draw you closer to Him than ever before; that you will get excited to talk with and about Jesus; and that God will fill you with His joy in knowing Him.

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