Psalm 145:1-2 Everyday Doings

Mount Baker

I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever. Psalm 145:1-2 

There are things that people do every day. Some things are the same with most ever person all over the world, such as eating, drinking, putting on clothes, and sleeping. Some things that are done are done involuntarily, such as breathing.

Along with the normal things that people do, there are some things that some do and some do not do. Some people will do some type of exercise every day, such as lifting weights, running, swimming, or some other exercise.

Many have hobbies that they strive to work on every day a little. This can be sewing, reading, writing, painting, or some other hobby.

These things are done either out of necessity or because they like doing it.

David tells God that he will exalt and praise His name every day for ever and ever. Not only will he praise, but will do it with excitement and joy.

One reason many people do a lot of hobbies is to escape the struggles and pressures of this life. Every day there are many difficulties that people must face and so they turn to something to help them cope with it.

Believers can praise God. This turns the focus off the problems and onto God. And the list of what a person can praise God for is endless.

One only has to think about what Jesus did on the cross for him to make him break out in praise to God for His great love and sacrifice. Each moment that a person has breath to breathe is a reason to praise God. There is no end for reasons to praise God.

When life is going good for you and there are no major struggles, praise God. At the same time, when there are struggles in your life that are weighing you down and feel like they are crushing you, praise God.

Make praising God your number one priority to accomplish every day. Seek a way to praise God every hour that you are awake of every day.

The more you praise God, the more you will want to praise God. The more you realize how great God is, the more you will realize how great He really is.

Praising God should be your greatest hobby each day.

I pray today that you will know God’s love for you; that you will know God’s sacrifice for you; that you will know the blessings God has given you; and that you will praise God every day in every situation with great joy.

Romans 15:11 Praise The Lord

“And again, Praise the Lord, all you Gentiles; let all the peoples extol him.” Romans 15:11

Paul quotes from Psalm 117:1, telling all the Gentiles to praise the Lord. This verse repeats that thought by again telling all groups of people around the world to extol Him. Extol is another word for praising or lifting up.

One thing interesting about this verse is that it was quoted from the Old Testament. The Israelites believed that they were the only ones who could truly worship God. In order for a Gentile to worship God, he had to become a Jew. There was a ritual that had to be done for this. Yet, in this verse it is telling everyone to praise the Lord. One day in the future every knee will bow and confess that Jesus is Lord. He is saying that each person should do that now.

Many believers agree that they should worship Jesus. They will do that on Sunday mornings during worship service. They will sing the 2-3 songs and call it good for the week. Yet this letter that Paul wrote to the Romans was not read just on Sunday. It was read throughout the week. This statement to praise the Lord was to be done daily everywhere.

How can you praise the Lord Jesus? It is telling the Lord how good He is. Thanking Him for all He has done. It is singing songs to Him. It is telling others about Him. It is obeying Him. It is showing your love to Him. It is reading His Word.

If you do not know what to praise the Lord for think about how He is saving you from your sins. Take a look about you at all creation that was given to you for your pleasure. Think about all the good things that God has given you in your life. These few things should be enough to make you shout for joy to the Lord Jesus!

Do not wait until next Sunday in order to praise the Lord, do it today. Give Him praise. Shout it out loud for others to hear.

I pray today that you praise the Lord Jesus all day; that you will have a song of praise on your heart; that you will tell others of Jesus; that you will know all that Jesus has done for you; that you will know all that Jesus has given you; and that God will draw many to Jesus through you.