Luke 12:51 There Will Be Division

Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division. Luke 12:51

Peace is something most people all over the world desire, but do not know how to attain it. Every where a person goes there appears to be conflict and division.

It is commonly thought that believers will bring about peace around the world. Yet this is not seen.

Many thought Jesus was bringing peace to the world, but Jesus said He was bringing division on the earth.

Between man and God, Jesus did make a way to have peace. However, between people, Jesus brought division.

Jesus taught that to love Him or God, one has to obey God. Every believer must do what God says first and foremost in every thing that he does. Doing this will often cause division among people.

People like to be in control and have things done their way. When someone refuses to do it their way, it causes division.

The ways of God are much different than the ways of man. Division occurs when one begins to follow the ways of God, rather than the ways of man.

This division starts with dividing against the world. It will then increase to division in the family. One family member, who is a believer, will not act in the same way as another, because of Jesus, causing division.

Some members of a family will not understand or agree with the whole-hearted decision to follow Jesus. Their eyes are still on the ways of this world, not on God.

Those who believe in Jesus and are following Him with their whole heart, will bring division to those who are not truly following Him. One is living by God’s holy standards, while the other is living by the standards of the world.

As you commit your life to God and follow Him, there will be some family members who will oppose you. As a believer, your first priority is to obey and follow Jesus, not other family members or this world.

Always seek to obey God. In doing so, seek to bring others to Him and raise them up to His standard of living. Do not allow yourself to be brought down to the standards of this world by family members who are not sold out to God.

You have a choice as to who you will follow, this world or God. Your choice can cause division.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will follow Jesus with all of your life; that you will obey God in all He says; and that you be a witness of what God desires.

Matthew 6:10 God’s Will Be Done

Your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Matthew 6:10

Every person has many thoughts as to what should or should not happen. Most often these thoughts are dealing with their own personal lives. Others have thoughts about situations that they know about and often don’t have any control over.

The common factor in choosing or desiring what should occur is how much the action effects the individual with the thoughts. The more it affects the individual, the more he wants it done his way, rather than some other way.

During His teaching on how to pray, Jesus told the disciples to pray that God’s will be done here on this earth in the same way it is done in heaven.

One of the most important things that occur when someone chooses to follow Jesus, is that he allows God to be in total control. In order for one to follow Jesus he must be willing to deny self and allow Him to lead the way. It becomes all about Jesus and His kingdom, not self.

Having it all about God is best because God knows what is best for every person involved. An individual may think he knows what is best for a situation, but it is God’s way that is truly best. When the believer realizes this, he will pray as Jesus taught, that God’s will be done, not his own personal desires.

The believer must be willing to ask God for anything, but at the same time, be willing to let God make the final call. Too many people get upset when God does not do it their way. They must remember that it is not all about them and their desires, but about God and His kingdom. God works in ways that is best for everyone.

You may be praying to God about some situation in your life and have a desire for a certain outcome. There is nothing wrong with that desire, but be willing to let God be in control and have His way be done. God will work the situation in a way that will be the perfect way for you and everyone else.

This action of God’s may or may not appear good right now, but you must know in your heart that it is the best. Seek and pray that it is always God’s desire that occurs in every situation in your life and on this earth.

Today I pray that you will seek God in prayer every day; that you will seek God’s desire in your life; that you will allow God to be in total control; and that you will do what God wants of you in every situation.