Amos 5:4 A Way To Have Life

This is what the LORD says to Israel: “Seek me and live;” Amos 5:4

Israel had chosen to follow after other gods, refusing to follow God. The result of following those other gods was that God was going to bring death and destruction upon the people of Israel. Even though they sought life among the other gods, all they would find is death. God tells them to seek Him out and they will live, they fill find life.

Although there are many people who attempt or actually commit suicide, most people want to live. Event those who commit suicide have a part of them that want to live, it is just they do not want to live with the pain or trouble that is in their life.

Everywhere people are searching for life. Most people are searching for it in things, other people, or actions. Some think that they find life in accumulating more and more things, cars, sex, houses, bank accounts, drugs, alcohol and more. Each of these things are dead in themselves and cannot give any life.

Others seek life in excitement and adventure. They will travel around the world, ride on thrill rides, participate in dangerous thrilling extreme sports and more. Again with these, each of them are dead in and of themselves. None of these can bring about any life in a person.

Then there are some who seek life in actions or helping others. Many people help the homeless, the abused, the sick, those in prison, and others. They feel that doing something good will bring them the satisfaction of life that people desire and want. While none of these are necessarily bad, they are just actions, and there is no true life in it. The actions are done to humans who cannot provide true life.

The only way you can find a true life that is worth living is in seeking God. God provided life for every human being through Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth and the life. Apart from Jesus, you will die, you will not have life. It may seem like a good life for a while, but in the end, without Jesus, you will die.

Do not be like the Israelites and reject seeking God first. Put God first in your life and seek only Him. Then He will give you life and that life abundantly.

I pray today that you will only seek Jesus; that you will know life in Jesus; that you will not seek life in the things and people of this world; and that God will pour out the abundant life worth living upon you.

Being Busy

Too Busy

Busyness is something that people say is common today. Although it may seem like it is a relatively new concept, it is not. When Jesus went to the home of Mary and Martha, Martha was very busy with tending to things around the house.

Being busy is something people have been since time began. There is always something to do.

This month is starting out as one of those months that a proving to be extremely busy. My work alone as a teacher takes up 50-60 hours per week. Along with that I have a daughter getting married this month. In between all of that I have a son who is having a birthday. That is the big things going on this month.

Outside of those things are the smaller things of the huge list of things that I need to do around my house and property, repairs, upkeeps, and cleaning. Along with those things there is church. There will be some revival services going on at our church the weekend of the wedding.

Husband multitasking

Then to cap the busyness off, a friend, who was my best man at my wedding 25 years ago, is coming for a visit. It was not known when he was planning to come, nor does he know how long he will stay. Life is busy.

Psalm 46,10

One of the things that we need to do is stop and know God. Take a few minutes to breath and connect with God.

Psalm 37:23 King James Version (KJV)

23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way.

God is watching your every step. Everything that you do must be ordered by God.

Ask yourself if what you are doing is what God would want you to do. If it is, He will give you the strength and grace to complete it.

There are probably many things that you do, at least I know that I do, that are not necessarily ordered by God. There are many times I do things to just relax or forget everything else. Often I like to procrastinate and not do the things that I should do.

There are times I put off praying or reading the Bible, when I know I should be doing those things. I put them off in order to play or watch a movie or tv, or some other thing.

focus on god

If my focus is on God, I will be focused on doing what He wants me to do. It is then that I may be very busy, but I will not be too busy. I will be doing His work, not the meaningless work of this world. It will also take your mind off the circumstances that you are in.

As you go through your days, going into a season of holidays and extreme busyness, take time to focus on God. Ask God what He wants you to do. Ask God what He does not want you to do. Allow Him to order your steps and not be busy spinning your wheels doing nothing of value.