Leviticus 15:31 Stay Away From Filth

You must keep the Israelites separate from things that make them unclean, so they will not die in their uncleanness for defiling my dwelling place, which is among them. Leviticus 15:31

Keeping physically clean is the desire of most people. Many will avoid getting dirty, if at all possible, but when they do get dirty, they will quickly clean up afterwards.

While remaining physically clean on the outside, many will get themselves filthy dirty on the inside. This can happen with eating junk food that harms their body or with playing with sin or sinful things.

God told Moses that he was to keep the Israelites separate from anything that would make them unclean. This was to keep them from defiling the tabernacle and being killed.

Keeping clean on the outside is common among most people, both believers and non-believers. Everyone understands the need to be clean.

The majority of the world does not look at being clean on the inside as a priority. Taking care of the inside, to the world, is to please one’s self and be happy in the moment. The world does not realize that living in sin may bring a temporary pleasure, but is also bringing about an eternal death.

Along with the world, there are some in the church who claim to believe in Jesus, but defile themselves with the filth of sin of the world. Lies and gossip is spoken, porn and immoral sex are used, sinful filth is watched and listened to, drunkenness occurs regularly, and anything else the world does that is sinful.

The true believer will flee all sin and appearances of sin to remain true and holy unto God. Because of what Jesus had done for him, the believer will not want to get himself defiled with sin, but remain pure and holy, keeping himself separate from the sin of the world.

Every day you probably strive to avoid getting filthy dirty on the outside. You strive to keep yourself clean and presentable to people.

Just as you are keeping yourself physically clean, you must also keep spiritually clean on the inside. Repent of all sin and God will forgive you and make you clean. Then avoid being around sin and partaking in it.

Mistakes will occur and you will sin, but do not make it a part of your lifestyle. Be separate from the world and be holy as God is holy.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will repent of all sins to be forgiven by God; that you will be separate from the sin of the world; and that God will guide you in being holy as he is holy.

Matthew 23:27 Clean Only On The Outside

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean. Matthew 23:27

Outward appearance is only skin deep. It is easy for a person to look like a very good person on the outside, but be completely different in character on the inside.

Inner, true motives for actions are very seldom revealed by many people. Actions can often be driven by self pride, jealousy, revenge or some other sinful reason, even though the action looks good.

Jesus harshly rebukes the Pharisees of being hypocritical. They looked good on the outside, but inside were full of sin.

Just as many in this world can be very ugly on the inner character, while looking good on the outside, many believers can be the same way. Some in the church can quote lots of scripture and teach very well, looking good on the outside, but their thoughts are on sin all the time. They can be jealous, greedy, lewd thoughts, inner anger and more things that cannot always be seen on the outside. They are whitewashed tombs.

When Jesus came, He came to heal the whole person, from the inside out. Believers are to be a new creation, that takes captive their thoughts for God’s glory.

The inner heart must match the outer actions. One must never let his thoughts run rampant with sin. Ugliness on the inside will always override and destroy beauty on the outside. If they not match inside and out, there is hypocrisy, doing one thing, but thinking another.

Either the believer is serving and following Jesus with his whole life, inside and out, or he is not.

Only you and God can know whether your actions and heart line up with God’s word or not. People can only see your actions, but those actions come from the overflow of your heart.

Allow God to work inside of you to change you from the inside out. Let God give you a clean, pure heart that truly follows Him.

Do not do one thing on the outside, while having an inner heart full of sin and deceit. If you do that, God will spit you out for not truly making Jesus your Lord.

Have your heart and actions matching each other. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow the Holy Spirit to change your heart and thoughts; that God will make you a new creation; and that your thoughts and actions will honor God.

Matthew 23:25 Clean Outside, But Dirty Inside

Dirty Cup Inside

Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence. Matthew 23:25

Jesus was speaking against the Pharisees and the teachers of the Law. He calls them hypocrites and states that they may look clean on the outside, but inside are dirty with greed and self-indulgence.

When a person washes a cup, he will wash both the inside and the outside of the cup. If the only part being washed is the outside, no one would want to drink from that cup. It can be seen as dirty when they begin to fill it with liquid.

It is easy to make something look clean on the outside, while still being dirty on the inside. Many people have well manicured lawns, but inside the house looks like a pigsty and run down.

People’s lives can look very good on the outside. They are well-mannered, go to church all the time, give generously, and have a hard work ethic. They appear to be clean and good. Yet, on the inside be filthy. Some of those same people are filled with extreme pride in how they appear. Some may harbor hateful thoughts about others. Some be holding on to a grudge against someone else, refusing to forgive. Some may have some hidden sin in their life, such as pride, porn, gossip, alcohol, jealousy, drugs, or one of many other hidden sins.

Over the years there have been people who have appeared to be clean get exposed for great sins. Leaders have been caught embezzling or in a wrong relationship. Inside they were filthy dirty, while appearing to be clean on the outside.

Only you and God really knows what is inside your heart and mind. Just as you wash your body to keep clean on the outside, your inside heart and mind must be washed clean by God. Allow God to change your heart and mind to mirror what His heart and mind is like.

Do not live the life of a hypocrite, but be pure and clean both inside and outside. Seek God to show you where you are dirty inside and let Him clean you up.

It is not about you. It is about God and others. When you clean all the way through, you will make it about God and others.

I pray today that you will be the same inside and out for God; that you will allow God to clean your heart and mind; that you will live as a true believer in Jesus; and that your life will be like that of Jesus.