1 Chronicles 2:7 How Will You Be Remembered?

The son of Karmi: Achar, who brought trouble on Israel by violating the ban on taking devoted things. 1 Chronicles 2:7

Tombstones often have some words on it saying something about the person. Often, they are just child or spouse of someone else. Some will state something about the person or some common saying of the person.

People are usually remembered for something that they did great or did on a regular basis. Things that impacted others in some great way. While most people do not impact hundreds of thousands of people, some people have that level of impact.

In the genealogical records in Chronicles, Achar is listed as sone of Karmi and the one who brought trouble upon Israel by taken something that was to be destroyed according to God’s command.

Everyone is remembered for something by at least a few people. Some are remembered by many people, depending on the level of their impact. Most people feel as if their little acts will not impact a lot of people, but just themselves and maybe a few others.

A ‘small’ sinful act does not appear to impact anyone else but can have a great impact on others down the road. That sinful act tells others that maybe it is acceptable to sin, thus leading others to sin in the same way or even greater ways.

Believers are to be holy, set apart, different from the rest of the world. Every action of a believer is supposed to be a reflection on who God is and what He is like. Holding onto sin or sinful things does not represent God or lead others to God, but away from God and into sin and death.

When a believer dies, he must think about how he will be remembered–as one who was devoted to God? Or one who sinned against God and brought on trouble to others?

If you are reading this, you are still alive and can live for God. Examine your life and see if you are taking or doing things that God has banned. Jesus paid for your sins and took them away, not so you can take them back, but so that you can live completely devoted to God.

Everything you say or do will have an impact on others. Will that impact be to lead people towards God? Or away from God?

How will you be remembered–leading to or from God?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will live your whole life for God; that you will lead others to God; that God will strengthen you to reject anything He bans; and that people will be able to remember you as one who fully loved, served and obeyed God.

Leviticus 27:28 Devoted, Holy To God

But nothing that a person owns and devotees to the Lord–whether a human being or an animal or family land–may be sold or redeemed; everything so devoted is most holy to the Lord. Leviticus 27:28

Throughout the world there are many people who give things to others or to organizations to help people. Some will often dedicate a portion to be given on a regular basis.

There are some people who have dedicated something to an organization, only to want it back or choose not to give it in the end. There are many reasons why they do this, but overall, what was dedicated is not given.

God told the Israelites that whatever anyone dedicates to the Lord, it must not be sold or redeemed, but is to be most holy to Him.

It is common to hear of believers who promise to give a certain amount of their paycheck on a regular basis to a church or some missions work, but then quickly stop giving it. The dedicated portion is held back for personal needs or desires, rather than given it to God as promised.

At the moment a person promises to give God something, that promise cannot be rescinded or taken back. Every promise must be fulfilled, regardless of the cost of it. God will honor everything given to Him from the heart, whether it costs a lot or little.

One thing that every believer must dedicate to God as holy is his own life. Everything that he thinks, says and does must be dedicated to God and not taken back. He must never take his life back and deliver it to the world of sin, rejecting God and His commands, he is to be devoted and most holy to God, not to this world.

The moment you chose to believe in Jesus, you dedicated your life to God as most holy unto Him. Jesus cleansed you from all sin and made you holy. Do not take back your life and give it to the world and sin against God. Remain devoted and holy to God in all that you think, say and do.

As you give your life to God, He will in return give you an abundant life full of His peace and joy that the world cannot provide.

Who or what are you devoted to? Is it to God or to self and this world?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will devote your whole life to God; that you will not try to take back your life from God; and that God will strengthen you to not follow the ways of this world.

1 Chronicles 22:19 Commitment To Seek God

Reading Gods word

Now devote your heart and soul to seeking the LORD your God. Begin to build the sanctuary of the LORD God, so that you may bring the ark of the covenant of the LORD and the sacred articles belonging to God into the temple that will be built for the Name of the LORD. 1 Chronicles 22:19 

Being devoted to something means that one will give his full attention and all his efforts to it. Very few people are fully devoted to anything. Most things are held with a loose hand, ready to let it go and move on to something else.

In the business world, contracts are often written up with many clauses to excuse continuing the work. Devotion will continue going forward, regardless of what is occurring. It is being committed all the way to the end, at any cost.

Marriages often end in divorce, because one or both of the couple are not fully devoted to the marriage. They see events or actions as a way out from the agreement.

As David was nearing the end of his life, he had provided all the materials needed for his son to build the temple. He told Solomon to devote his heart and soul to seeking after God. In doing this, he would be able to build the temple and have a great kingdom.

Just as the does not like to be fully committed to things, many believers are not fully devoted to God. They go to church on Sunday and worship, but then on Monday are living like the world. They seek God when in an emergency, but ignore Him in times of prosperity.

Devotion to God means that one will seek God all the time in every situation, both good and bad. Every action, word or thought will be done with God in mind. Everything in his heart and soul is focused on pleasing God, not for salvation, but out of love and devotion to God for what He has done for him.

Take a look at your life and see what are you devoted to. What do you put all of your time and attention into?

Seeking after God will bring you peace, strength, comfort, joy, and eternal life. God’s heart is a heart of love. God only wants what is best for you, so seek what He has for you. Focus your life on loving and serving God with everything that is within you.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will seek after God with all of your heart; that you will commit your life to serving God; and that you will not seek anything but God.