Cold–Good Or Bad?

cold weather

Right now in Texas the state it going through some very cold weather. At least very cold by Texas standards. The temperatures are dropping down into the 20s. Where I grew up in Wisconsin, that would be warm enough to start taking off the jackets, thinking it was warm. Right now they are experiencing sub-zero temps.

I am one of the strange people who enjoys the cold weather. I have always loved winter. Although winter in Texas is very different, since there is no snow, or at least very, very, very little.

Most people I know, at least in Texas, hate the cold and do not want to be a part of it at all. They fear frostbite, icy roads, sidewalks or steps. They hate having to wait for the car to warm up in order to warm up themselves. Many don’t like having to put on heavy jackets and hats, just to stay somewhat warm. 

While being cold does have some major dangers involved in it, there are also some good things that can only be seen or experienced in the cold.

I enjoy walking outside and breathing in the fresh, crisp, cold, refreshing air. I hate breathing in the hot, humid Texas air in the summer (which appears to be most of the year in Texas).

I love seeing snowbanks and snow covered trees and houses. Although I never really liked to shovel the snow.

Snow Covered Trees

I love to see icicles hanging off of buildings, trees, and rocks. Looking at the beautiful, intricate ice formations on a window is a lot of fun. Looking at rivers or lakes that are covered in ice is a beautiful sight to see.

Ice Crystals.JPG

One benefit of the cold in Texas is that it does kill off many of the bugs that exist. Texas is known for many bugs and some really big ones too. Very few survive the cold when it gets this cold.

The cold will also slow down all the snakes and put many of them into a hibernation mode for a time. Very few snakes are seen when it is this cold.

As I was thinking about the cold here in Texas, I started thinking about cold in the Bible. One of the verses that immediately comes to mind is:

Revelation 3_15-16

Jesus was talking about the deeds of the people. They were neither hot or cold. They could not make up their mind of whether they would follow Jesus or not, serve Him or not. God wants them to be either hot or cold, not in between.

Looking at this verse, many people think of cold being negative. However, Jesus was not talking about the person being cold is spit out of his mouth. It is the person who is lukewarm, neither hot or cold.

Hard Heart

When a person is said to have a cold heart, it is talking about how he has hardened his heart against someone or towards something. The Bible talks of how Pharaoh had hardened his heart against God and Moses. He had turned cold against God. Most of the time, a hardening of the heart is a negative thing to happen.

However, a person can also be cold and have a hardened heart in a positive way. Cold to sin and the ways of this world. One must harden his heart against the deceptions and lies of sin.

Jesus had told some people that Satan was their father and that he was the father of lies.

John 8:44 New International Version (NIV)

44 You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father’s desires. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies.

Satan and this world wants you to believe that Jesus died and stayed dead on the cross. They want you to believe that God is not real. They want you to believe that sin is acceptable. They want you to believe that there are many ways into heaven.

The accusation that Jesus told the people in John, is not one that you will want to be made against you. Your heart must be hot on fire for God and His will, but cold to sin.

You must not allow your heart to be hardened cold against God and what He wants for your life. God is only looking out for your best. He is a Father who loves to give good things to His children.

When “bad” things happen in your life, the world will try to get you to turn your heart cold against God. Because why should God allow bad things to happen to you?

Romans 8-28

One may not ever know why a “bad” situation happened in his life, but he can rest assured it was meant for good by God. God takes the negative things of this world and uses them for His purpose.

Just as there is spring, summer, fall and winter in this world for a purpose, there is a purpose to the seasons and events in your life.

While many people do not like the cold and often ask what good it is, there are good things that occur when the cold comes in. There is beauty that can be seen when it is cold.

Turn your heart cold to the sin and ways of this world. Turn your heart on fire for God and His ways. Do not allow yourself to be lukewarm and spit out by God. There is a purpose in the cold.