Ruth 2:11 Your Character Will Be Known

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Boaz replied, “I’ve been told all about what you have done for your mother-in-law since the death of  your husband–how you left your father and mother and your homeland and came to live with a people you did not know before.” Ruth 2:11 

Things that are done in the home in secret are often thought of as private and that no one knows about it. Yet, it is these actions that show the true character of a person. It shows what they are really like, instead of just putting on a show for the public.

People also talk and learn about what a person is really like. Everywhere a person goes, others are watching and listening. They are subconsciously finding out what a person is really like.

When Ruth and Naomi had moved to Bethlehem, Ruth had begun to gather leftover grain in the field of Boaz. After hearing about her, Boaz made sure she was given extra grain, providing abundantly for her. Ruth noticed the extra provision and asked him why he was treating her so well. He told her that it was because he had learned of everything she had done, leaving her family and homeland to stay with Ruth in a foreign land.

Ruth’s character of selflessness, loyalty and caring was seen by everyone. Her character had preceded her to others, giving her extra favor.

A person’s character will be seen by other people, whether it is good or bad. If it is a bad character, people will stay away and not trust. If it is a good character, they will come near and be faster to support.

Believers also show some character. Their character is to be one that portrays that of Jesus Christ. One of love, mercy, grace, kindness, patience and more. Although these are the characteristics believers should show, many are showing the characteristics of the world, hatred, jealousy, anger, rudeness and impatience.

People are watching you and wanting to know who you really are. They are trying to find out if your actions are matching your words.

If your character is matching that of Jesus, people will be faster to listen to you talk about Him. They will know that you are real in what you say and they will believe that the reason for this is because of Jesus.

If your character is like that of the world’s, then no one will listen to you talk about Jesus.

What is your character saying about you?

I pray today that you will live like Jesus did; that your character will match that of Jesus; that you will live true to God before all people; and that you will see God’s favor on your life. 



Proverbs 22: 24-25 Who Do You Hang With?

Do not make friends with a hot-tempered person, do not associate with one easily angered, or you may learn their ways and get yourself ensnared. Proverbs 22:24-25

Associating with people can have good or bad results in the life of a person. Parents are usually very quick about keeping their child from another child because of the characteristics. Knowing that one is constantly causing problems, causes the parents to keep their own child farther away.

When people become adults, many throw out that caution or training that they have learned. Solomon chooses one negative characteristic to be avoided. It is the characteristic of being easily angered.

Most people will know to stay away from the person who is hot-tempered that shows their temper in direct violence. However, there are many who get angry very quickly, but just show it in their words.

Watch people when they start talking about politics. Many get angry about what a politician is doing or not doing. It has caused the breakup of many good friendships.

People who get quickly angered should be avoided. The number one reason for this is not for your personal protection, but to safe guard your heart from being led into their ways. It is very common for a person to become more like the people he hangs around with.

It is very difficult to constantly be around a person who is easily angered or lives in a certain sin, and not fall into that sinful habit.

This hanging around does not mean you can never be near that person, it is the constantly being with that person. If you are never near him, then you can never be a witness to him.

Hanging around, or as Solomon said associating with, is the constant being with each and every day, doing many things together. Being around a person that much will often cause his characteristics to rub off on you.

Do not allow yourself to get ensnared into sinful ways. Keep your eyes and life focused on God. Follow the guidance of God’s Holy Spirit in who you should be spending time with and how much time you should be around that person.

I pray today that you will see your friends as God sees them; that you will keep your heart and life focused on God; that you will not allow yourself to be corrupted by bad character; and that your life will be a witness of who Jesus is.

Titus 1:8 Character requirements

“Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.” Titus 1:8

Paul is talking about some requirements for a person who is an overseer in the church. I see these as good requirements for every Christian man. These requirements are:

1) Be hospitable: Do you open your house and life to others? You may not be able to have them into your house, but maybe you could bring food to others, or take them out to eat. Do you take the time to help meet the needs of others around you?

2) Love what is good: What do things do you love? What do you love to do? Are these things good in the eyes of God? Are these of good report that will further the kingdom of God or point people to God or build them up in Jesus? Or are they the things of this world?

3) Be self-controlled: Do you control yourself in the way you act and react? Or do you allow others to determine who you are or what you do or don’t do? Take control of your life by letting God control your life.

4) Be upright: Are you honest? Reliable? Faithful? Hardworking? What would people say about you?

5) Be holy: Are you living up to God’s standards? No one can actually live up to those standards, but in Christ Jesus you have the power to do so. Or do you cut corners and cheat? God called everyone to be holy as He is holy.

6) Be disciplined: Are you one person around people and another person when alone? Are you one person around believers and another around un-believers? Stay focused on living completely for God in all areas of your life.

All these character traits are ones that Jesus had. Each one of us are to be like Jesus. So each of us must have these character traits in our lives.

I pray that today God will work in your life to help develope you into the person He wants you to be. That in any of these areas that you are lacking God will strengthen you and guide you into the needed changes.