2 Chronicles 33:15 People Can Be Changed

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He got rid of the foreign gods and removed the image from the temple of the LORD, as well as all the altars he had built on the temple hill and in Jerusalem; and he threw them out of the city. 2 Chronicles 33:15 

Watching some people and how they act, sometimes there does not seem to be any hope. They are heading down the wrong path in life and it appears as if they will never change. All hope seems to be lost.

There are many teen-agers who have chosen some bad paths while in high school. They are looking as though they will never do anything good in life and will end up in prison some day. However, later things can happen to turn their life around and they become very productive citizens in society. They look like a totally different person.

Manasseh had become king of Judah and had chosen to follow and promote false gods. He had many high places to these false gods built and led the nation against God. However, God had gotten a hold of his attention and he changed. Everything that he had built up to false idols, he destroyed. Instead of promoting false gods, he promoted God. He was a changed man.

There are many people in this world that appear to be so bad that many believers will not have any hope of them changing. Very few will strive to be a witness to the person because they do not see any hope of salvation. They are ignored and left in their life of sin against God.

Yet, God is a great God of love and mercy. He wants everyone to be saved. Even the coldest of hearts can be touched by God’s great love and mercy. Every believer has this story to tell as to how God touched their hearts and changed them.

Two things can be learned from Manasseh’s story. One is that every person can be changed by a touch from God. Don’t give up on anyone because they are living in sin. Be a witness to them of who Jesus is and what He can do.

The other thing is that you can also be changed by a touch of God. You may have stepped into some sin, turning away from God. God will accept you back and change you. He can make you a new creation.

Allow God to change you and be sold out to serving and loving God.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will be a witness of Jesus to this world; that you will have hope in God for all people; and that you will remove all false gods out of your life. 

Genesis 35:2 Change Your Clothes

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So Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, “Get rid of the foreign gods you have with you, and purify yourselves and change your clothes.” Genesis 35:2

God had came to Jacob and refreshed his memory of who He was, that He was the God who met him at Bethel, who he wrestled with. God then tells Jacob to build an altar. Immediately Jacob tells his household to get rid of foreign gods, purify themselves and change their clothes. They had to get ready to meet God.

Changing clothes can be a sign of change in a person. The clothes often signify who or what a person is. Workers are often dressed in some type of company uniform with some label or symbol indicating what company they work for.

There are some clergy who wear white collars or a certain type of robe to indicate they are clergy members. Some people will dress in high dollar suits to indicate they are someone important. Rap artists will dress with jewelry and hats on backwards to identify themselves. When a person goes to a dinner party, he will dress up more, than when he is just relaxing with some friends at a pool party or on the beach.

As a person changes clothes, it changes who he is at the moment or what he does.

One type of clothing that everyone starts out wearing is sin and the sinful practices of this world. When a person begins to follow Jesus, he must be willing to change his clothes in order to meet with God. Although a person cannot change himself completely, God is there to help him change his clothing, to change his character.

The clothing of God is not physical clothing, but one of love, joy, peace, patience, humility, self-control, and more. It identifies the person as a follower of Jesus, a disciple of Jesus.

Take a look at yourself and determine what you are wearing. Who do you look like? Do you look like the world, living in sin and selfish ways? Or do you look like Jesus, holy and righteous?

As you notice what clothing you are wearing, take time to ask God to help you change any clothing you might be wearing that does not honor Him. God can change you, but you must be willing. Be the new person Jesus has made you to be.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will wear the clothing of God; that the world will see you as a follower of Jesus; that you will look like Jesus to the world; and that you will allow God to change your clothes. 

1 Timothy 1:13 A Proper Perspective


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Even though I was once a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent man, I was shown mercy because I acted in ignorance and unbelief. 1 Timothy 1:13

Paul opens his letter to Timothy, a young new preacher of the gospel, with encouragement. He points out that he was a horrible, rotten sinner, yet was shown much mercy and grace by God because he had done everything out of ignorance and unbelief.

The majority of the people in the world do not have the proper perspective on who they are or what they are really like. They do not see a need to be saved because they do not believe in sin. Not believing in God will cause a reason to not believe in sin. So people see themselves as a good person or just like everyone else.

There are believers in the church who tend to have the same view of themselves. This can be seen in believers who grew up in the church. They do believe in God and believe in sin, but never really saw themselves as a bad sinner.

Very few people will consider themselves as a blasphemer, persecutor and a violent person. Yet, every believer was these very things at one point in their life. They claimed that they could do anything and did not need God, even talking against God, being a blasphemer. They talked against believers, being a persecutor. And did things selfishly against others, being violent.

Yet, they were shown mercy by God, because most of what they had been doing was done in ignorance or unbelief. God knows that humans act the way they do because they don’t really know the truth–Jesus and God’s word. Jesus accepts and forgives everyone who comes to Him in belief.

As a believer you were once all of these things. Without Jesus you would still be in that position and be that type of person. Yet, Jesus has shown you His great mercy and forgiven you.

Since you have been forgiven, turn away from that type of living. Also realize that the rest of the world still needs to learn this truth. Be ready to show mercy on others, just as Jesus has shown you mercy.

Having the right perspective on who you were and who you are now, helps you know other people correctly. You were changed and saved, they can also be changed and saved.

I pray today that God will reveal to you who you were; that you will know the mercy God has given you; that you will be a changed person in Jesus; that you will show God’s mercy to others; and that God will help you turn from all sin.