May 27, 2023 Verse Of The Day

Ezra 6:16 A Time To Celebration

Then the people of Israel–the priests, the Levites and the rest of the exiles–celebrated the dedication of the house of God with joy. Ezra 6:16

People all over the world love to celebrate special events. It is very common for there to be some type of celebration when a building project is completed. This can be with just a simple house all the way up to some large commercial structure. There is a high level of excitement due to the hard work and difficulties often needed to be overcome to bring the construction to a completion.

Once the temple was rebuilt all the Israelites and exiles celebrated the dedication of the rebuilt house of God with great joy.

The level of celebration of the completion of a building will vary depending on the value and importance of the building. The higher the value and importance, the greater the celebration will be. Some buildings will bring about a national level of celebration. However, the celebration is always for something that is temporary. No physical building will last forever.

Believers are to always be in the process of building a temple that will last for eternity. That temple is making new disciples–new believers and followers of Jesus.

Every time a person chooses to turn away from his old sinful past, repent and believe in the saving work of Jesus upon the cross, there is a new temple built for God. The new believer becomes a dwelling place for God that is dedicated to Him. This occurs due to the hard work of prayer and being a witness to someone by other believers.

As soon as one becomes a believer, all heaven rejoices. It is a time for great celebration for all believers with the dedication of a new temple for God.

You most likely have times or events that you like to celebrate, some on a regular basis, some on a one time only basis. One time to always remember and celebrate is when you became a believer, when God gave you a new life and began to dwell in you.

Other times that are equally important is when you hear of another person choosing to believe in Jesus and be saved. Think of the great joy there is in knowing someone will no longer be condemned and heading to hell but is now a fellow brother/sister in the family of God–a new temple of God.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will make disciples for Jesus; that you will celebrate when one becomes a follower of Jesus; that you be a temple for God to dwell in; and that you will know the joy of the salvation God has given you.

1 Kings 5:5 Do What God Called You To Do

I intend, therefore, to build a temple for the Name of the Lord my God, as the Lord told my father David, when he said, ‘Your son whom I will put on the throne in your place will build the temple for my Name.’ 1 Kings 5:5

People work hard to build things up in their lives. Some have natural skills to be able to build something specific or do some type of work that benefits thousands of others. Few will run with these abilities and do what they are made to do, while others will go a different direction and not do it.

After Solomon gained peace throughout the kingdom, he chose to begin to build the temple God called him to build.

The majority of people throughout the world are focused upon building their own kingdom up, building things to build themselves up. Some of these things may be good, but all of them are temporary. It will help only in the short term of life here on the earth but in the end will fail.

God has a plan for each person as to what that person should build while on the earth. It begins with building his life in Christ Jesus as Lord. Once this is started the next part of the plan for every believer is to build His kingdom–being a witness and making disciples. How this looks and is accomplished may be different for each and every believer, but the goal is the same–building an eternal kingdom.

Every believer has started with building his life in Christ, but many will stop there. They forget or ignore what God has called them to do focusing on building their own little personal kingdom, rather than God’s kingdom.

True believers will remember and do what God wants them to do.

Whether you are a believer or not, God has a plan for you. This plan will begin with believing in Jesus and being saved. Then He has a plan for what you are to do with your life while here on the earth.

Every believer is a part of the temple of God to dwell in on this earth. Seek God to find out how you can be His witness and make more disciples, building that temple.

Do not ignore the calling God has for you but be all that you can be for God.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God has called you to do and be; that you will build God’s temple on this earth; and that God will give you the strength to do His work successfully.

2 Samuel 22:32 Who Is Your God?

For who is God besides the Lord? And who is the Rock except our God? 2 Samuel 22:32

All throughout the world there are many different religions that follow many different gods. With so many different ones, many people will question who is the real god. Along with following and worshipping false gods of the various religions, many people will make gods out things in an attempt to have a solid foundation in their lives.

People are constantly searching for who or what is in control of this life. Their foundation is constantly changing or being renewed as something different.

David sings a song of praise about God and asks the question of who is God and the Rock besides their Lord and God.

While many in the church claim to believe in Jesus, many do not actually allow Him to be Lord and their Rock in their lives. Instead of relying upon Jesus for everything, many will trust in their own strength, position, abilities, and others for what they need or want.

Being the Lord, means that He will be the absolute Master or controller of their lives. Anytime a decision is to be made, the true believer will seek God to make the decision. When God tells them to do something, they will immediately obey without question or hesitation.

Along with being Lord, true believers will allow Jesus to be the Rock in their lives. This is a solid foundation on which they stand. It is on God and His word that they will base everything that they say and do. God and His word never change with the times and whims of the people but stays the same forever as a solid rock and foundation.

God is the only true Lord and solid Rock in this fallen world that will last for eternity.

Each day you must be willing to ask yourself who is Lord/Master over your life. Do not allow it to be yourself or anything of this world, whether other people or things. Make God your one true Lord.

Then stand upon Jesus and God’s word as the solid rock or foundation in your life. God and His word will never fail you or wash out in a flood of troubled times, but will remain solid through it all.

The things of this world will fail and disappear over time, but God and His word never will.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will stand upon God as your solid foundation; that you will trust in God alone; that you will base your entire life upon God’s word; and that you will see God’s hand at work in your life.