Psalm 67:7 Blessings For A Purpose

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May God bless us still, so that all the ends of the earth will fear him. Psalm 67:7 

People always want good things to happen to them. They want to be successful in what they do. No one wants any trouble or even struggles at all.

When things are going good, they feel that they are blessed. At that point, many feel as if they can relax and enjoy life and do what they want with no fears or worries.

In these types of cases, the blessings are desired for personal gratification. The desires for a blessing are completely selfish and greedy. When this occurs, the purpose of the blessing can be completely missed. Sin begins to reign in the heart of the person.

The author of this psalm talked about people praising God for all the blessings He has already given. Now he prays that God will continue to bless them, but not just to bless them for themselves, but so the world will fear Him.

While blessings help a person out tremendously, they are given for a purpose, and it is for more than just making life easier. Blessings are to be a witness to the rest of the world. They are to allow the world to realize that God is in control and those who follow Him have His hand of favor upon them.

The world believes that a believer in God is weak and living a dead life with no real hope or life. They do not believe in God. Yet, when they see a believer being blessed and pouring that blessing out upon other people, they begin to revere God.

Believers are to take the blessings that God is giving them to help bless others. This is not just blessing other believers, but those in this world. It is to show the world how God loves everyone and is reaching out to them.

You can look at your life and see how God is blessing you in many different ways. Count the number of blessings in your life and be amazed.

Now ask yourself what are you doing with those blessings? Don’t just sit back and enjoy them, but pass them on to others. Allow those blessings to become a witness of God’s great love and control.

Give the world a chance to know who God is because of what He is blessing you with. In this way many can come to know Jesus through your testimony of His blessings.

I pray today that you will know how God is blessing you; that you will see all the blessings God is giving you; that you will share God’s blessings with others in this world; and that you will be a witness of God’s love to this world. 

Numbers 23:27 Another Tactic

“Then Balak said to Balaam, Come, let me take you to another place. Perhaps it will please God to let you curse them for me from there.” Numbers 23:27

Balaam had went before God two times to hear what He wanted him to say about the Israelites. Balak wanted Balaam to curse them, but both times he prophesied good instead of cursing. Balak then takes Balaam to another location. He figured that maybe if he went about a different way, Balaam would be able to curse the Israelites.

The world, under the influence of Satan, will try to come at you and get you to slip up in your walk with God. They will start one way and see if it works. If it does not work, they will try a different tactic. They will bring you to a new location to see if it will work there.

These new locations may not be physical ones as in the case of Balaam, but there are new areas in life to attack. One time it may be in the area of what you are watching; another may be in the area of what you are listening; or in the area of your workplace or family. Each time it may be different.

You have to be alert and on the watch for the enemies tactics. The enemy will try different things all the time, and will continue to try until the day you die. Each time you have to remember that Jesus said that Satan is out to kill and destroy you. Even though that is true, God is with you and is greater than Satan or this world will ever be.

Each day you must start it out with the mindset that  you belong to God and refuse to do anything that the world wants you to do. Set out to only do as the Lord your God commands you to do. Do not allow the world to direct you any differently.

If God is not pleased with cursing Him or someone else here, He will not be pleased with it happening anywhere else.

Are you sold out to God?

Or can you be bought out by the world through their tactics?

I pray today that God will open your eyes to the tactics of the enemy; that you will not be deceived by the enemy; that you will live only to do what God wants; and that you will be His light in this world.

Numbers 6:24-26 Blessing Others

“The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numbers 6:24-26

After dedicating the Levites and the Kohathites to the work of in the tabernacle, God gave a few simple rules in dealing with each other. Now He gives a blessing that Aaron and his sons were to proclaim over the people. God gave specific ways to bless them.

People like to look at blessings as only material blessings or the removal of any problems. God, however, looks at a real blessing as something different. The best blessing a person can receive is God’s favor and grace on him.

Getting things can be a blessing at the moment, but may become a curse later on. Getting a brand new car can look good, but then the cost of insurance gets you and becomes a curse. Getting a brand new home is great, but then the high cost of property taxes crushes you.

Removal of a problem can appear to be a blessing at the moment, but it removes some growth that God may want in your life.

The real blessings that God is having the priests proclaim over the people is His presence, grace and favor with them. If God is on your side, it does not matter who is against you.

God’s peace is a peace that the world cannot give. It is a peace in spite of all problems.

God’s grace will overcome any shortfalls you have in your life.

When God’s face is shining on you, you will know that He is aware of where you are and what you are going through. He is right there by your side, through everything in your life.

You know that when you trust in Jesus for your salvation, He will keep you. The only way you will lose is if you walk away from Him and reject Him. Until then, you will be saved for all eternity.

As you speak words to other people, speak these words. Give them this blessing that God has given you. This shows God’s love for a person.

Who can you bless today?

I pray today that you will know the blessings you have in Jesus; that God will bless and keep you; that God will shine His face on you; that you will know God’s grace; that you will know God’s peace for you; and that you will bless others as you have been blessed.