Joshua 6:10 A Time To Be Silent

But Joshua had commanded the army, “Do not give a war cry, do not raise your voices, do not say a word until the day I tell you to shout. Then shout!” Joshua 6:10

Sports teams are groups of people who are ready to take on another team who are the ‘enemy’. At the time of the competition the fans will raise their voices in support of their team to try and intimidate the opposing team. Some of the players will make comments to break down the moral of the other team.

Very rarely will a team go into a competition in silence.

As the Israelites were getting ready to take down Jericho, Joshua told the people to be silent, to not raise a war cry or their voice until told to shout and then they were to shout.

Going into any type of battle, whether physical or otherwise, and remaining silent is difficult for most people. Everyone wants their voice to be heard, to be heard as right and to bring on intimidation in cutting down the enemy verbally.

Acting in this way, with voices, represents how the world does things. Satan often speaks lies to intimidate and detour the believer in his devotion and obedience to God. Believers will often speak up to defend themselves.

When God is at work, the believer does not have to add to what needs to be done. All the believer needs to do is walk in faith, keeping his mouth shut until it is the right time to speak or shout. He is to be led by God’s Holy Spirit as to when to say something or be quiet.

During times of silence, the enemy cannot know what is going on or is about to happen. At the right time the enemy can be taken by surprise with God’s power.

You most likely have some enemies in your life that need to be defeated. It is easy to try and take them on in your own power, your own way and your own time. Doing so may, however, bring on your own defeat.

Seek God’s direction in dealing with the enemy. He may require a time of being silent and waiting for the right time to shout. Trust that God knows the best way to defeat the enemies in your life. Give Him complete authority and walk in His ways.

Be silent when needed and shout when needed.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s directions in defeating the enemies in your life; that God will reveal to you when to be silent and when to shout; and that you will trust God’s timing and ways in overcoming the enemy.

Unmuzzled: Escaping Sexual Sin, Satan’s Grip On Men (book review)

Title: Unmuzzled: Escaping Sexual Sin, Satan’s Grip On Men
Author: J S Shelton
Publisher: J S Shelton
Date: 2019
Pages: 250

Unmuzzled: Escaping Sexual Sin, Satan’s Grip On Men (book review)

One of the most common struggles that men have, both in the church and outside the church is with sexual sins. The author begins the book describing his life experiences on how he was muzzled by Satan with sexual sins. He reveals how it started out with just some thoughts and later led to actions.

Shelton calls it a muzzling, because when a Christian man falls into sexual sin, he does not want to talk about it or even admit it to anyone. Satan holds him captive to the sin.

Once this sin is admitted, he shows what the Bible says on how to get away from it. He points out how God always makes a way to get away from sexual temptations, but that a person must be willing to accept and choose that path. In the process of choosing God’s path, it takes the muzzle off of the man and allows him to talk about it and change, rejecting the temptations.

The acronym that he uses to help one remember the steps is: S.A.F.E. Stay away. Flee. Escape.

One of the things that I really enjoy about this book is the amount he uses scriptures for all of his points and calls to action. Not only does he use scripture, but he applies it to every day life of most people.

Shelton is a husband and father who has struggled with sexual sin to an extreme degree, but has been set free by the power of God’s word and Holy Spirit guiding him. His desire is to set other men free from being muzzled by Satan with this sin.

This book is a simple read, without any high level, college speaking. He asks many questions and calls for action in each chapter. Each chapter is only a few pages, so it makes for short time to read a chapter and give you time to think and act on what you read.

Whether you struggle with this sin or not, I highly suggest reading it. It can help you overcome it, if you struggle, or it can help you help someone else that is struggling with this sin.