Job 3:25-26 The Pain Of Great Loss

What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me. I have no peace, no quietness; I have no rest, but only turmoil. Job 3:25-26

After Job had gone through several attacks by Satan, he had lost nearly everything he ever had. He had lost his family, home, business, and health. Although he never cursed God, he felt the pain of all that loss. He felt as though all he had was turmoil in his life.

Losing everything is always painful for every person. There are people everywhere who are experiencing some type of loss. When a person loses his job, there is often a loss of peace in not knowing how to provide for his family. In a time of loss of health, a person often does not get the rest that is desired.

As people are going through great loss, the one thing that many people do is complain about their loss. They will talk to everyone who will listen about what has occurred in their life. They will search for sympathy from anyone and everyone they can get it from.

Along with seeking sympathy, many will often get mad at God for what has happened. They do not see that He is still in control and loves them. They will give up their rest and peace that God is willing to give them.

Job did not give up his belief in God, but he did complain to others about his loss. He felt the pain of all that he had lost. He was willing to curse his bad luck. Job did not curse God in the process of his complaining, nor did he blame anyone else. All he did was accept what had happened.

There may come times in your life when you will lose a lot or something of extreme value. As human being it is reality that the loss is painful. For a time there will seem to be no peace or rest.

You may be tempted to get angry with God or to blame God or someone else. Neither of these will be correct attitudes to have. Recognize the pain and the loss, but in the end seek God. Trust in God’s almighty power and control in your life. Seek His peace and rest for your soul.

I pray today that you will know God’s presence in your life; that God will wrap His arms of love around you in your times of loss; that you will have God’s peace and rest in your life; and that you will not fill your life with complaints, but of praises to God.