Proverbs 27:12 Avoiding Danger

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. Proverbs 27:12

Avoiding danger is something that most people feel that they do. Very few people want to find themselves in a dangerous position.

During a storm, if someone sees a tornado beginning to form, most people would very quickly strive to find some shelter. He understands the danger of the tornado and does not want to be caught up in it.

While this type of action is true of physical danger that people come across, it is not always the same with spiritual danger.

As people are going through life, there are things that come up that endanger their soul, but not always the physical body. Often these dangers are ignored, since they do not hurt the body, they appear to be safe.

God gives warning signs of danger through His Holy Spirit, if a person is willing to listen, watch and understand what is happening.

An example is when a man begins to look at pictures of women in bathing suits. It starts as an innocent look, but when he begins to linger and dream about the women, it is the beginning of danger. After a time, he changes what he views to full pornography. He refused to see the danger and kept going. In the end there will be a price to pay for it.

One who is led by the Holy Spirit will understand the dangers that had begun and flee all sin. He will flee to God to seek refuge and protection from the danger.

Warning signs of danger can happen in many different areas of life. Little lies, a little gossip, a little anger, a little bitterness, a little pride, a little fear, and many other things can be signs that there is a greater danger ahead. Starting to walk in sin, will only lead to a life of sin.

Seek God’s Holy Spirit to open your eyes to the dangers around you.

Ask yourself if you are walking down a path that is dangerous to your soul.

Will what you are doing draw you closer to God, or push you farther away from God?

If it will push you away from God, you need to stop and take refuge. Get back to God and be protected. Don’t just ignore the warning sign.

I pray today that God will strengthen you to flee all spiritual danger; that you will turn from all sin; that God will open your eyes to see the danger in your path; and that you will live more like Jesus each day.