God Talk (book review)

Title: God Talk
Author: Calvin M. Durham
Publisher: Three Skillet Publishing
Date: 2022
Pages: 130

God Talk: Does God Speak Today? (book review)

The author, Calvin M. Durham, has ministry experience that has covered six decades. He has worked as pastor, church planting, administrative, evangelist and missionary. Calvin has served as the head of the General Council of the Assemblies of God Sunday School Department.

One of the questions that many people ask is if God still speaks today. In this book, Calvin explores that question and how God has spoken to Him over the years in many different ways. Some of these ways are audible voice, inner voice, dreams, silence, through others and through the Bible.

Throughout the book Calvin talks about different situations in his life in which he heard God Talk. He talks about some of his doubts and fears and how he was able to overcome them and obey what he heard God speaking to him in the moment, especially when the results were very delayed by years. Each chapter is a different situation and a different way in which God had talked with him.

At the end of each chapter Calvin challenges the reader to hear God Talk in the reader’s own personal life.

It is very clear that Calvin believes that God does speak to people today, if they are willing to listen and obey to what they hear God say.

I strongly encourage you to read this book with an open mind and heart to hear God speak in your own personal life. It will challenge to hear and obey God when he speaks. When you are open to hear and obey God, it will amaze you on what God will say and do in your life.

Jeter Women (book review)

Title: Jeter Women–Lives of Courageous Faith, Sacrifice, and Service
Author: Betty Jeter Jernigan
Publisher: Mountain Crest Books
Date: 2020
Pages: 473

Jeter Women–Lives of Courageous Faith, Sacrifice, and Service (book review)

Betty Jeter Jernigan is a married lady who was born into the Jeter family line filled with missionaries. She and her husband are currently missionaries to recruiting and training Emergency Service Chaplains through the Assemblies of God.

Led by the Holy Spirit she undertook to draw up stories covering five Jeter women since 1883 up through 2013. The five women she writes about are: Callie King Jeter, Theola Tucker Jeter, Ernestine Jeter Doan, Louise Jeter Walker, and Gertrude Dudte Jeter.

With each of these women Betty looks at some of their childhood, young life, work, missions work, marriage, family life and death. Some of their stories are very funny, some very sad, but all are encouraging. Each one shows great amounts of faith, while also having fears and discouragement in troubles and challenges. Some were kicked out of nations because of their work, others were under times of severe war in the immediate area where they were living.

It is amazing to read about the number of lives that they touched for God in many different ways all over the world.

Many of the stories show how much faith these women had put in trusting God and His Word with their entire lives. They often sacrificed a lot to be able to do what God asked of them, putting aside their own lives to reach others.

Betty points out that each of these women had met their full potential in God for His mission for each one on this earth, whether they lived a very short life, as Theola, or a long life, as Gertrude.

I have personally met Gertrude and two of her sons, both missionaries today. She was a great woman of God. I also personally know Betty and her husband Dr Robbie Jernigan.

I highly recommend reading this book if you love true stories, stories of missionaries and faith building stories. It will challenge your faith in God and being all that God has called you to be.