1 Kings 8:6 The Most Holy Place

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The priests then brought the ark of the LORD’s covenant to its place in the inner sanctuary of the temple, the Most Holy Place, and put it beneath the wings of the cherubim. 1 Kings 8:6 

Shortly after becoming king of Israel, Solomon chose to begin building the temple to God that his father, David, had wanted to build, but was not allowed to. After a lot of work of building the building, the priests brought the ark of the covenant into the building and placed it in the Most Holy Place.

At the time the ark of the covenant represented God’s presence and His agreement with the Israelites. It was an agreement that if the people followed His commands, He would be their God and take care of them. In it there was a copy of the ten commandments, a jar of manna, and the budding branch. This represented what the people had to do, God’s provision and God’s leadership.

This ark was placed in the Most Holy Place. It was the place that God would directly dwell when among the people. It was behind a huge curtain and was a place of no sin and only the high priest was allowed in once a year. It was God’s place.

A thousand years later, Jesus had died upon the cross, ripping the curtain in two and open and making a way for every person to go into the Most Holy Place where God is. The new location for God’s place to dwell was no longer in a temple, but in the heart of a person.

When one seeks forgiveness and believes in Jesus, his heart is made pure and holy–the Most Holy Place. It becomes the dwelling place of God. There is now a covenant–an agreement–between God and the person placed in the heart. There is also a sign of the provision for forgiveness and eternal life placed in the heart.

Believe in the work that Jesus did for you to remove your sins and give you eternal life. Accept His work in your life and become a believer. Do not allow the covenant of sin of this world to take a place in your heart.

As a believer, you now have God’s covenant placed in your heart. Your heart has become the Most Holy Place–the dwelling place of God. God is with you and will not leave you.

Believe in Jesus and allow God’s presence to be in your life daily.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will allow God to rule in your life; that you will allow God’s presence to fill your life; and that your heart will be the Most Holy Place unto God. 


Joshua 6:5 Put God In The Front With Worship


So Joshua son of Nun called the priests and said to them, “Take up the ark of the covenant of the LORD and have seven priests carry trumpets in front of it.” Joshua 6:5

Every person has times of battles in his life. There are some that are small battles and others that are major battles. Some will face those battles head on, while many will attempt to run from the battles in fear.

Joshua and all the Israelites had just crossed over the Jordan into the new land of Canaan. They had come upon the city of Jericho, which was to be their first major take over in the new land. It was a large city that was very well fortified.

At the time, the Israelites did not have any large battering rams or bombs to take out the large walls of the city. All they had was a few small weapons and God’s word. God had told Joshua that he would take that city.

To get ready to take the city, Joshua had the priests, holding the ark of the covenant, go in front with some men blowing trumpets. The priests with the ark of the covenant and the trumpeters would lead all the Israelites in a march around the city for seven days.

The ark of the covenant represented God’s presence among the people. They would allow God to go first. Then along side of His presence were the trumpeters blowing the trumpets in worship of God. With God and worship, the Israelites met their enemy and God removed that large wall from before them. The obstacle of the take over was removed.

As a believer, there will be times in your life that you will meet up with large walls that stand in your way or you will meet up with a large enemy that must be removed. God can and will be with you, if you allow Him to be in front. Allow God to lead the way into the battle. Don’t do the battle on your own.

As you move forward in the battle, be willing to blow the trumpet of worship to God. Allow God to fight your battle for you. God is strong enough to take down walls that are before you. Trust that He knows how to do it. Give Him all the worship as you move forward into battle.

I pray today that you will have God’s presence with you at all times; that you will allow God to fight your battles; that you will give God worship as you march forward; and that God will show Himself faithful and strong to you. 

1 Chronicles 15:28 Excitement For God’s Presence

So all Israel brought up the ark of the covenant of the LORD with shouts, with the sounding of rams’ horns and trumpets, and of cymbals, and the playing of lyres and harps. 1 Chronicles 15:28

The ark was  being brought back to the temple in Jerusalem for the first time in several years. As it was being brought in animals were being sacrificed to God in a gesture of thanksgiving. All the people were gathered around watching and were excited. Everyone was shouting and making music with the excitement of the return of the ark.

During football season, many people get very excited about the game being played. In the town where Texas A & M is located, when there is a home game with the A & M team playing many people show up for the game. Usually there over 100,000 people there to watch the game live. As the game is being played, the crowd of people get very excited about the game. When the A & M team scores a touch down, the crowd will roar with such loud excitement that it can be heard for at least a mile away.

Football is not the only thing that people get excited about. It can be any other sport, or some concert, or when they win a contest, or one of many other things.

What is not seen as often, is people getting excited about the presence of God showing up. Most people ignore even thinking about going to church. Others go because that is what they do on Sundays. And when they go, they sit in the back of the church and are very quiet, not really participating.

As a believer in God, you should be excited every time God shows up or you have a chance to meet with God. Being in God’s presence should be the highlight of your day. Think about it, you get to be with the One who created the entire universe. How exciting is that?

Do you welcome the presence of God in your life?

Or is the presence of God something that you just take for granted?

That excitement that you feel for a football game or any other sport, you should feel when you get into God’s presence. Get excited when God is doing something in your life, and He is always doing something if you open your eyes to see it.

Give God a shout of praise today for who He is, what He is doing and His presence in your life.

I pray today that you will know God’s presence; that you will find joy and excitement in God’s presence; that you will welcome God into your life; and that others will see that God is with you.

1 Chronicles 15:2 Limited Opportunity

Then David said, “No one but the Levites may carry the ark of God, because the LORD chose them to carry the ark of the LORD and to minister before him forever.” 1 Chronicles 15:2

The first time David tried to bring the ark of the covenant back to Jerusalem, one man-made a mistake in touching it and was killed by God. David kept the ark out of Jerusalem for several years. Now he was getting ready to bring it back. He made sure that everyone knew that only a Levitical priest could carry the ark because that was God’s ruling.

The ark of the covenant represented God’s presence. It was where God would come down and meet with the high priest once a year. It was placed in the holy of holies in the tabernacle and later in the temple.

God had very strict rules on how to handle and carry the ark. No person was to touch the ark, regardless of any situation. It was considered holy and perfect unto God. Very few people were ever allowed to go into the holy of holies and see the ark of the covenant. It was a limited opportunity.

Since the temple was destroyed, no one has ever found or seen the ark of the covenant. This is because God has done away with that covenant and has no more need for the ark.

Many people in the world try to say that there are many ways to God, and that God dwells in every person. Although God is everywhere, He does not dwell, or make His home everywhere. He will not live in a person who does not follow Jesus.

When Jesus rose from the dead, He did away with the old covenant and no longer has a need for the ark of the covenant.

God does want to dwell in every person, but His dwelling is limited only to those who have accepted what Jesus has done and follows Him. Everyone has that opportunity, but only those who accept it will receive it.

You have the opportunity for God to dwell in you. You have the opportunity for His covenant to be signed with you.

Have you chosen to believe in and follow Jesus today?

Or are you still believing that there are many ways to God?

Or that you do not need God’s presence?

I pray today that you will know and believe in the work of Jesus; that you will serve God alone; that you will take His limited opportunity to heart; and that you will be a dwelling place for God.

1 Chronicles 13:3 Having A Place For God

“Let us bring the ark of our God back to us, for we did not inquire of it during the reign of Saul.” 2 Chronicles 13:3

Saul had died, and David was made king of Israel. He then talks to all of his leaders under him about the ark of the covenant. He suggests that they bring it back, since it has not been back or consulted during the reign of Saul. Everyone agrees that it should be brought back.

During the Old Testament times and up till time the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, around 70 A.D., the ark of the covenant represented God’s presence. It was built under God’s direction by Moses while the Israelites were wandering around in the desert after leaving Egypt. This was the location that God would come down and meet with the high priest. While the Israelites had the ark, they knew they also had God’s presence. When it was gone, they also knew that God’s presence was gone.

Today, the ark of the covenant no longer exists. It had been destroyed and has gone missing since the temple was destroyed. When Jesus had risen from the dead and ascended into heaven, God chose to send His Holy Spirit to be His presence with every believer.

As a believer, you must have a place for God to dwell in your life. You must make room for him. The world does not believe that you need to make room for God, in fact, most of the world does not believe that God exists.

In your life you need to set up an ark for God to dwell in. This is not a physical ark, but one of your heart and spirit. Do not be like the Israelites were during Saul’s time, and not ever inquire of God. Do not allow His presence to leave you.

God wants to spend time with you each day. He wants to be a part of your life. In order for Him to do that, you must allow Him to do so.

Do you have God’s presence in your life?

Are you seeking God’s presence and direction?

Or are you trying to do everything on your own as the world does?

I pray today that you will know God’s presence; that you will always make room for God in your life; that you will not keep God away from your life; and that you will seek God’s direction in your life.

Hebrews 7:18-19 A Better Regulation

“The former regulation is set aside because it was weak and useless (for the law made nothing perfect), and a better hope is introduced, by which we draw near to God. Hebrews 7:18-19

The former regulation that the author talks of here is the Mosaic Law–the Old Testament Laws and Regulations. This Law was very good at pointing out the sins in a person’s life. It was also very cut and dry–if you do this sin–you die. Throughout all the Old Testament laws one is told of all the things he must not do and all the ceremonies he must do. If any one of these things were not upheld perfectly he would be guilty of breaking the law and then was punished by death. No man is able to obey every law all the time because of the sinful nature in him.

Here the author talks about this law being weak and useless because all it did was point out sins and brought about death. The Law was unable to make a person perfect. For this very reason a better hope was brought about. This hope was salvation in Jesus. Through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus every person can have forgiveness and be given life. It is only through Jesus that we can draw near to God with confidence that He will not destroy us. In the Old Testament the high priest went before the Ark of the Covenant with much fear of dying because of sin.

Today we do not have to have that fear because Jesus takes away our sins. Jesus brings us forgiveness and life–a much better hope. Today do not look at just what you should do or not do to be a Christian. That is the way the people were in the Old Testament trying to follow the Law. Look at having a relationship with God through Jesus. Our attitudes should not be to not do something out of fear of getting destroyed, but should be not doing something out of love for God and not wanting to hurt Him. You can have more joy and peace in following God because of love for Him than you can with following Him only out of fear of punishment.

I pray that today you will know the hope that is found in Jesus; that you will serve God because of a relationship with Him, not out of fear; that God will draw you nearer to Him than ever before; and that God will give you new strength in following Him.