Psalm 43:5 Discouraged? Disturbed?


Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. Psalm 43:5 

Discouragement is something is seen nearly everywhere. People are discouraged about their job, the family, their spouse, their dreams, and many other things. Life is not going the way that they had planned it to go and they do not understand why.

Many are also disturb at the way things are going. They see the news about killings, wars, financial crises, diseases, disasters and much more negative news and fear what is going to happen in life. They do not see any hope for anything good.

In order to cope with the discouragement and anxiety that people are feeling, many will turn to drugs, both legal and illegal. They drown themselves in things or activities to hide their pain and fears.

The author of this psalm asks the question of why his soul was downcast or discouraged and disturbed. He knew that he should be putting all of his hope and trust in God, while giving Him praise.

The discouragement and anxiety does not rest just with unbelievers, but many believers are feeling the same way also. They see what is going on and fear it. They have chosen to see the things of this world only and not see what God is doing.

Despite the garbage, sickness, sin and death in this world, every believer has a hope that is still alive. They have a reason to give God praise. God is on their side and has forgiven them and given them life. While there are troubles in this life, there is a hope of a future that is perfect with no pain, sorrow or suffering for all eternity.

Each one also has the joy of knowing God is right there with them to strengthen and guide them through this dark world. These are reasons to give God praise.

Choose to worship and praise God in spite of the negative things you see. Complaining and being depressed and discouraged will not change a thing, but praising God will give you strength. It can shed light into a dark area of life.

Put all of your hope in God and not in the people and things of this world. This world will pass away, but God will always be there.

Now go out rejoicing and praising God today!

I pray today that you will know the salvation Jesus offers; that you will know the hope Jesus provides; that God will remove all fear and anxiety in your life; that God will remove discouragement; ad that you will praise God in every situation. 


1 Peter 5:7 Cast Out Anxiety


Anxiety woman

Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you. 1 Peter 5:7

Anxiety is excessive worry or fear over something or group of things that go on in life. In the USA there are currently over 40 million people who suffer with anxiety in their lives. And these are just the ones that are documented. There are millions more who deal with anxiety at some level or more that never go to a doctor or counselor about it.

Although most will not admit it, many people like to worry, or at least they make it a major part of their lives. They stress over making enough money, or having the right stuff, doing a good enough job, looking just right, and much more. They fear getting sick, losing a job, war, theft, death, injuries and more. They worry about other people with all of the same worries and more.

People have extreme anxiety because they cannot control circumstances in their life or around them and they worry about it. The world does not know how to deal with that extreme anxiety, so they go to doctors and counselors and get prescription medications to help calm them down.

While many believers have anxiety, there is something that they can do outside of medication. They can cast those anxieties on the Lord. This casting is throwing as hard and fast as one can upon God. They can give all of those fears to God and let Him deal with them in His way and time.

God is the one who is in control of every situation in the life of a person. Instead of a believer trying to take control of things he cannot control, he must leave it up to God.

As a believer, you will have things that will stress you out and cause you to worry. Instead of having anxiety and worrying about things you cannot control, throw them onto God. Let God take care of you.

Jesus loved you enough to die for you. He highly values you. He will not allow anything to happen to you that is not for your best in the end. Trust Him in everything.

As you trust God and cast all your anxiety on Him and He will care for you. In the end you will have eternal life in a perfect heaven with God. Focus on that, rather on the troubles and anxieties of this life.

I pray today that you will know how much God cares for you; that you will trust God in every situation; that you will cast your fears and worries on God; and that you will allow God to remove all fear and worry in your life. 

Psalm 43:5 Depressed And Worried

Why, my soul, are you downcast? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Savior and my God. Psalm 43:5

Doctor’s offices are filled with people who are having physical problems because of depression and anxiety. Both children and adults are on many different types of medications because of depression.

Many contemplate, and some follow through, on suicide because they are so depressed. People are downcast, depressed because they feel as if they have no hope. They look at the events or circumstances in their lives and get worried, because there appears to be no way out of the situation.

Depression and worry always come from viewing this world and the events of this world with the wrong viewpoint. Looking at it as a human being, it is easy to be depressed and worried. Humans can only do so much, and then will begin to fail. They will fail themselves and others will fail them.

It is common for believers to fall into this same category. They take their eyes off of God and what He can do. They often forget that God is the God who made this world and sustains it by His word.

Think about this for a moment. God created this world and the entire universe. God not only created it, He sustains it. Look at how complex this little earth really is, with everything that is on it. If God can sustain all those things by His word, He can sustain you.

God can take care of every need you have, no matter how big or how little it is. There is nothing that God cannot do, if you allow Him to do it.

Put all of your trust in God. Do not rely on what you can or cannot do. Do not rely on what others in this world can or cannot do.

God is the only one who is perfectly capable and faithful to do the right thing every time. Put your hope in Him.

As you put your hope in Jesus, all depression and anxiety will leave. You will be filled with joy, knowing that God is in control.

Then you will be able to praise Him because of who He is. Keep a song of praise on your lips, in order to keep your focus on Him.

I pray today that you will know God’s presence and power in your life; that you will not fear this world; that God will remove all depression and worry in your life; and that you will have hope in God as you praise Him.