Acts 9:20 A Sign Of Change

Sign Of Change.jpg

At once he began to preach in the synagogues that Jesus is the Son of God. Acts 9:20

Saul was a religious leader that was very devout in following God according to the law of Moses and the sacrificial system. After Jesus left the earth, Saul began to persecute everyone who followed Jesus, because it was a different way of serving God. As he was on his way to persecute some more, God got a hold of him and changed him. Shortly after accepting Jesus and beginning to follow Him, Saul began to go around and preach that Jesus is the Son of God, the very thing he had been opposed to before.

People make claims all the time of changing something in their life. Many men will say that they are going to start working out in order to be healthy. Or they will stop eating so much junk food and eat much healthier.

Yet, shortly after starting to do the workout or eating healthy, they stop and go back to their old ways of living. There was no real change in their life.

There are people in the church who are living the same way. They become a believer in Jesus, yet, do not really change anything. They continue to live just as they have always lived. Some will change for a few days, but quickly go back to their old ways of living.

Jesus said that believers would be a new creation. This means that they would be a different person, than they were before.

Saul had shown the change in his life, by immediately going around and preaching about Jesus. This is just going around and telling people that Jesus is the Son of God and the way to salvation. He is the only way to get into heaven.

Look at your life and ask yourself if there has been any change in your life since you accepted Jesus. Do you talk about Jesus everywhere you go? Or do you just talk about life and the weather?

Be willing to show that there is a sign of change in your life. That you are a different person than you used to be. You have the greatest news of all time to share, why not share it as much as you can?

Go out today and be a different person and tell others of Jesus.

I pray today that God will cause a change in your life; that the world will see and know you follow Jesus; that you will tell people about Jesus; and that God will give you strength and wisdom to share His message with this world.