1 Samuel 28:16 Seeking Advice After God’s

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Samuel said, “Why do you consult me, now that the LORD has departed from you and become your enemy?” 1 Samuel 28:16 

People area always looking around to find answers or solutions to their problems in their lives. They want to find a way to change the situation, so they seek advice and direction.

The number of places that people will seek this advice is innumerable. They seek it from books, tv shows, magazines, friends, fortune tellers, zodiac signs, counselors, friends, and much more. All they want is an answer and most do not care where they get that answer from. If one answer does not work, they will try another place.

Saul had chosen not to follow God and His ways to be the king of Israel. God had pulled His Spirit from Saul and left him on his own. At one point there was a large Philistine army up against him. Samuel had already died, so Saul chose to go to a medium to pull up his spirit to ask for guidance in this battle. When Samuel’s spirit was brought up from the dead, Samuel asked why he was consulting him, since God had already given him the answer. Saul had refused to believe that God was pulling the kingdom from him.

Many believers will seek God for an answer, but do not like the answer He gives. It will sometimes mean that they must change or larger problems will occur. Or it may mean they must travel down a rough road. So they will seek the answer somewhere else trying to get favor.

While most believers will not turn to witchcraft and sorcery for answers, they will often turn to others to find an answer after they have heard God’s answer to them. They want to get the answer that will give them special favor.

As a believer, you should seek advice and direction first from God. Then you must accept that advice and direction. God knows what is best for your life and loves you so much so that He will only give you the best advice and direction.

Taking time to seek others, after God has given you direction, will not change what God is doing. It will only pull you out of His will. And the worst place to seek advice is from the world and the dead. Seeking the dead will only bring you death. Seeking Jesus will bring you life.

Consult only God for direction in your life.

I pray today that you will hear God’s directions for your life; that you will trust God’s choices for your life; that God’s peace will be in your life enough to keep you from seeking the world; and that you will always be in the will of God.