Psalm 94:8-9 Understand God Hears & Sees

Understand, you senseless among the people; and you fools, when will you be wise? He who planted the ear, shall He not hear? He who formed the eye, shall He not see? Psalm 94:8-9

People will often feel that they have a full understanding of something and are wise about it. From their own point of view, many feel that they can know what is important and good to be able to make wise decisions. However, most people only see and understand the tip of the iceberg and make foolish choices because they do not understand what is below.

The psalmist gets on to the people by asking the senseless and fools when they will be wise. He also asks if the one who made the ear and eye shall not be able to hear and see also.

Many in the nation have become ‘woke’ and believe that they know and understand new things and have a new profound revelation of what is right and wrong. In this process, people have turned to sinful acts and promoted them as good and acceptable to God. Multiple churches have bought into this deception of the devil and begun to promote it also as good.

For the moment it appears as if God does not see or hear what is being done. There does not appear to be any judgement against the sin of the people.

Those who act in these ways are being senseless and foolish. They miss the idea that it was God who made the ears and eyes of every person. If God made both the ears and eyes, then it makes sense that He will also hear and see everything, nothing escapes Him.

One must not be a fool or senseless, but must strive to live according to God’s word, because God does see and hear all and will judge accordingly.

No matter where you live or are, God sees and hears everything that you do and say. Nothing is hidden from God. Do not allow yourself to be deceived in the world’s ‘woke’ system of belief and allow yourself to live in sin, thinking God does not see or hear or care.

Dive into His word and allow it and His Holy Spirit to lead you in His ways, not the sinful, fallen ways of this deceived world. Allow God to open your eyes and mind to His ways and be wise and full of sense.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will not be a fool about God’s ways; that you will know how God wants you to live; and that you will live according to God’s ways and not of the world’s.

Picture by Edi Libedinsky on Unsplash


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