Psalm 80:18 Be Revived And Call On God

Then we will not turn back from You; revive us, and we will call upon Your name. Psalm 80:18

Some people like to give new life to old things. They take the time to restore something and bring it back to looking new with a new life. Going through antique stores and searching through yard sales, some will find things that can be cleaned up, repaired and revived from the dusty old shelves in a storage shed. Once revived, one may not realize the condition it had been in because it looks so good.

The writer of this psalm commits to not turning back from God and asks that He revives them and then they will call upon His name.

Throughout life people make mistakes and fall down. Some will go back to old ways of living and begin to die socially, mentally and spiritually. They will lose the spark of life that was in them because of poor choices.

This can also happen to those inside the church. Instead of following God wholeheartedly, some will choose to go back into a sinful way of living. They leave their Bible on the shelf, stop praying and only go to church out of duty, but not to worship and serve God. Spiritually they have died.

When one allows God to step into one’s life and change the heart and mind, God can revive the person. God can renew the spark to live for Him and create a hunger to know His word and obey His commands, to live a holy life in service to Him.

Spiritually the person can become alive once again and exited to live for God in every area of life. At that point, the person will be anxious to call upon God and to know Him more and more. One is revived.

When you first became a believer, you were most likely excited about living for God and getting to know Him more and more. Over time you may have allowed the cares of this world and sin to step in and cause you to die spiritually.

Seek God and to know Him. Seek His forgiveness. He is ready and willing to bring you to live again, to revive you and give you the abundant life He has for you. Be willing to live for God and call upon His name at all times.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will keep your life focused upon God; that you will not turn away from God; that you will allow God to revive you and give you life; and that you will call upon God.

Picture by Ray Shrewsberry on Unsplash


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