Psalm 45:7 What Do You Love?

You love righteousness and hate wickedness; therefore God, Your God, has anointed You with the oil of gladness more than Your companions. Psalm 45:7

People love many different things for many different reasons. Along with the love of things, people will also love certain ways on how to do certain things. One may learn how to grill a hamburger a certain way and that is the only way to do it, while others hate that way and do it differently. Although cooking a certain way is neither good nor bad, there are many things that are truly right and wrong.

The writer of this psalm writes about the king and says that he loves righteousness and hates wickedness, so God has anointed him with gladness.

Righteousness is the process of doing what is right each and every time. Most people agree with that they want to do what is right, however, most cannot agree on what is considered what is right and what is wrong or wicked. The world often sees wicked actions as acceptable, as long as it does not immediately physically harm someone.

God, being the Creator and Ruler of all, has set down some commands as to how people are to live their lives. There is the right way of living and the wrong way to live. One is a way of righteousness and the other is a way of wickedness. All wickedness is sin against God.

Believers will often try to blur these distinct lines and love the wicked ways of the world. Those who are truly living for God will love to do what is right and hate or flee all wickedness or sin. They do not ever want to do what is wrong in the eyes of God. As they live this way, God fills them with an overwhelming joy of life, because they are living by His righteous ways.

There are probably many different things that you love and things that you hate. As you look at these things you must ask yourself what are the things you love the most. Are these the wicked things of the world that lead to sin and death? Or are they the righteous things of God that lead to eternal life?

Love and follow the righteous ways of God and hate and flee all wickedness against God. Allow the righteous ways of God to fill you with the oil of gladness.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will love the righteous ways of God; that God will give you strength and direction to live by His righteous ways; that you will hate all wickedness and sin against God; and that you will live your whole life by God’s ways.

Picture by Ivan Lapyrin on Unsplash


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