Psalm 28:5 Don’t Be Destroyed

Because they do not regard the works of the Lord, nor the operation of His hands, He shall destroy them and not build them up. Psalm 28:5

Going through the busyness of day to day living, many people often do not recognize things that are right in front of them. They do not see little things that friends, or family are doing that can mean a lot. Or they are so focused on their own personal priorities that they miss out on the bigger picture of what is going on. Important things are often ignored.

David is asking God to rescue him from his enemies and points out that they will be destroyed because they have no regard for the works God is doing.

The world is focused upon self and do not believe in God, nor see what He is doing. Any time God does something, the world gives credit to good or bad luck, to themselves or to others, but never to God. In their mind God does not exist and so they have no place for the works He is doing.

Rejecting what God is doing will also mean that one rejects the work of Jesus upon the cross. It is rejecting the very means of salvation that every person needs. In the end, the one who disregards God’s work will be punished in hell for eternity.

Believers have at a minimum believed in the work of God through Jesus on the cross. However, many in the church reject or do not see God working in other areas, thus rejecting the work of Jesus. He is working in the sunshine and rain, the material things not wearing out, the peace that passes understanding, the change of hearts and much more in the lives of every believer.

The eyes of and hearts of believers need to be open to seeing what God is doing.

God has already done a work in your life, if you consider yourself and believer in Jesus. Do not allow yourself to be so focused on self and the here and now that you miss what other great things God is doing. Don’t let your heart become calloused and reject what God is doing in your life. Don’t be destroyed in rejecting God’s work.

He wants to do great things in your life, but you must be willing to see them and give Him praise.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will open your eyes to seeing what He is doing; that you will not reject the work of God around you; and that God will be able to build you up and not destroy you.

Picture by Kerry Rawlinson on Unsplash

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