Psalm 26:8 Where Do You Enjoy Being?

Lord, I have loved the habitation of Your house, and the place where Your glory dwells. Psalm 26:8

Nearly every person has some place that they love to be. That place may be somewhere special when they were a child or where something had occurred that was significant to them at some point in their life. Others enjoy a place that brings them peace, joy or happiness in some form and a break from the difficulties of day to day living. Some can go to these places on a regular basis, while others cannot make it to that special place very often.

As David is asking for God’s help against the enemy, he tells God that he loves the place where God and His glory dwells.

Being in a place with friends is always a joy for most people. Nearly everyone likes good company in a place in which they feel safe and loved. While everyone loves this type of place, many do not have it available to them.

Any person who begins to understand how much God loves one, begins to love the presence of God in one’s life. God’s amazing presence brings about a peace and love that no one or anything in this world can begin to offer.

Yet, many of the ‘believers’ in church do not really like to be in church or in a worship service. They get uncomfortable due to unrepentant sin in their lives and being around the holiness of God and His presence.

Turning away from the world and seeking God should be the first and foremost focus of every believer. His presence, love, glory, power, mercy and strength give the believer everything needed to live for Him. That in turn gives one a full and abundant life. His presence should be where every believer loves and longs to be.

You most likely have some places or people who you love to be around for various different reasons. God loves you more than any other person could ever begin to love you. He wants the best for you. Being in His presence will give you the peace, joy and strength you need to make it through any trouble. You can be in His presence at all times, if you choose to be in His presence. He makes Himself available all the time, day and night.

Where do you love to be?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s presence in your life; that you will know the joy of God’s presence in your life; and that you will seek to be in the place God is dwelling at all times.

Picture by Alexandru Trandafir on Unsplash

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