Psalm 4:7 Overwhelming Gladness

You have put gladness in my heart, more than in the season that their grain and wine increased. Psalm 4:7

People are always seeking to be happy about something. Often gladness is missed in the trials and troubles of life. The world often finds gladness in times when things are going great and their physical success is abundant with large bank accounts. Other times it is found in things that they do that help them forget about the troubles of life giving the appearance of great gladness and joy.

David writes that God had put more gladness in his heart than when there during the season of abundant grain and wine increased.

Finding gladness can often be difficult for many people. There are bills to pay, sickness to care for, things breaking down, work to be done and much more. And then there is just the depressing news that is often shown locally and nationally of chaos in the world. There appears to be little to glad about.

God works in the hearts and lives in believers to bring about a gladness that is overwhelming. During the time of David, grain and wine were the substance of wealth and sustenance. When those things increased, it meant a lot and brought about great gladness, yet David had greater gladness with God.

One of the things that can bring gladness to the heart of the believer, is remembering that Jesus removed all sins and brought about salvation. Nothing is better than those two things in the lives of someone.

When the believer takes one’s eyes off of the temporary things and joys of this world and puts them upon God and the relationship with God, there is a gladness that the world cannot know nor understand. It is a gladness that looks forward to eternity with God.

You may be seeking to find some gladness in your life in the midst of many trials and chaos. The world will be unable to provide the gladness you are seeking. It will only be a temporary gladness.

Know the gladness that a relationship with God will provide. Draw closer to God and receive the gladness that He offers. Know the gladness that comes from knowing you are forgiven and have been given eternal life. This comes from inside the heart that will last for eternity and nothing, no matter how difficult, can remove that gladness.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know the gladness God gives you; that you will have a strong relationship with God; and that you will find your gladness in God and not the things of this world.

Picture by Allef Vinicius under Unsplash

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