Psalm 2:1 Rage And Vain Plotting

Why do the nations rage, and the people plot a vain thing? Psalm 2:1

Anger and rage can be seen all over the place. Extreme violent crimes occur out of fits of rage and anger. In times of anger, people plot vain things to get back at other people. Mass killings occur with a lot of plotting due to anger and frustration from some previous event or wrong that was done. These types of events occur from the smallest of towns to the large cities and even include whole nations against other nations.

The psalmist asks the question as to why the nations rage and people plot things that are vain or worthless.

Whenever a major violent crime occurs, people are always questioning as to why it had happened. They want to know why someone would do something so crazy and vain.

One set of things that nations and people get angry at is against God and believers. The world gets angry with believers who stand up for the truth revealed in God’s word and try to stop them. They plot in ways on how to stop God and how to get their own way. People want to be able to live in sinful ways and everyone accept it.

Plotting against God and His ways is completely useless and worthless. Failure will come in the end and all that plotting does is bring about death that will last for all eternity.

Believers do not need to fear or fret about the anger of the world nor their plots against God and His people. With God on one’s side, there is nothing that the world can do to stop God or that believer. God will bring that believer through any rage or vain plot into a life that will last for eternity with joy and peace in heaven.

You most likely seen some extreme anger around you or in the news, both locally and nationally. You may wonder why people can carry so much anger or do worthless things against God’s commands.

All of this is due to sin and a refusal to accept God and His commands in their lives. Keep your life free from the rage of the world and doing vain things by keeping your life focused upon God and His commands for your life. Live according to God’s ways that will extend into all eternity.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will open your eyes to vain plots around you; that you will have the joy of God in your life; and that you will live according to God’s plans.

Picture by Uriel Soberanes under Unsplash

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