Job 24:24 Life On Earth Is Temporary

They are exalted for a little while, then they are gone. They are brought low; they are taken out of the way like all others; they dry out like heads of grain. Job 24:24

Wealth, fame and position are things that people seek, desire and fight for. Each of these are all temporary. It raises a person up to a higher level of status in this world. During that rise, it can appear that it will last for a long time or even eternity, but it is only temporary. Not only are those things temporary, but so are also the people themselves.

After Job points out things that people do that are evil and appear to get away with, he also points out that they are exalted for a short time. Then they are brought low and removed, just like everyone else and they dry out like grain and die.

The majority of people in this world seek to have things and positions to make themselves feel important or successful. Many will work hard, long hours to get the things that they desire. Often many will sacrifice family and friends and some personal pleasures in order to get what is desired.

Once these desires are achieved, many feel accomplished. However, those desires are often very temporary. At a minimum their lives are temporary. All of their money, status or position, is temporary. They rise for a short time, then all will die.

Upon death, then comes the reality of what is really important, whether the person was a follower of Jesus and had all sins forgiven and life given. None of those things, statuses or positions will mean anything any longer. They will pass away from this life only to step into eternity, either in heaven or hell based upon whether sins are forgiven or not.

In this life you may have accomplished some great task, risen to some high position, or gained some great wealth. While all of these things feel good right now, they are temporary. Your life on this earth is temporary. At some point you will die and all of your things and positions will fade away.

When you die you will have to face God for judgement on your life. The judgement is whether your sins have been forgiven or not. This makes the judgement of where you will spend the rest of eternity. Life is short, make it count for God and eternity.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will live your life on earth for God; that you will seek the things of God that will last for eternity; and that you will not get caught up in the temporary things of this world.

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