Ezra 5:8 Working With Diligence

The king should know that we went to the district of Judah, to the temple of the great God. The people are building it with large stones and placing timbers in the walls. The work is being carried on with diligence and is making rapid progress under their direction. Ezra 5:8

No matter where one goes throughout the world there are always jobs that need to be completed. Work is always in progress to accomplish some task, whether small or great, with many or few people. How well and quickly the task is completed always depends upon how diligent the workers are.

The people around the area questioned the Israelites who were rebuilding the temple of God. The sent a letter to King Darius saying that the people were working very diligently and making great progress at building the temple.

Everyone that has a job, whether paid or volunteered, has to give some time and effort in order to complete it. The majority of people will work at it, but not with a whole heart. They will do the minimum work required to get the job completed. Often many get distracted and slow down on their progress.

Those who are focused and dedicated to doing their work will work with diligence. They will be very careful and work hard to complete the task. Distractions will be eliminated or at least minimized to keep the work moving forward.

Most of the people throughout the world are broken down and need Jesus to be rebuilt into a temple of God. Workers of God, believers, should work in being a witness and making disciples of those people. Diligence and hard work will be what it takes to rebuild His temple on this earth, making disciples of all people in all nations.

As with the Israelites and all believers, God has a work for you to do. Jesus left the earth telling His followers to go and make disciples in all the world. Do not allow yourself to be distracted by the enemy or the temporary things of this world. Put your focus on making disciples wherever you are.

Seek God’s direction and strength in whatever position you are to make disciples, building His kingdom on this earth. Make great progress in making disciples by being His witness and teaching anyone and everyone you can in every circumstance possible.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will do the work God has given you with great diligence; that you will be focused upon the work God has called you to do; that God will strengthen you to complete His work; that many will become followers of Jesus through your work and diligence.

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