1 Samuel 20:38 Go Quickly And Don’t Stop!

Then he shouted, “Hurry! Go quickly! Don’t stop!” The boy picked up the arrow and returned to his master. 1 Samuel 20:38

At times there is breaking news or a message that needs to be sent immediately. It can be one that is considered of very high importance. Sometimes these messages can be an emergency message about the safety of someone and needs to be sent out very quickly.

The goal is to get that message out to those who need it as fast as possible. In today’s society that is often done electronically to millions of people instantly.

Jonathan had a message of high importance for David. He told his servant to hurry quickly to go find the arrow so that he could get the message to David faster.

Hearing messages that are of ‘high’ importance are often ignored because there are so many important messages all the time. Everything appears to be breaking news and needs to be sent out immediately. Overtime many people begin to ignore the importance and wait to pass on the news.

Believers have some breaking news that the world needs to hear. For the majority of the world this news needs to be heard immediately. This message is the news that everyone will die in their sins and need a savior and that savior is Jesus Christ.

Jesus tells believers to go and spread the gospel message, but many believers wait and refuse to go at all or will wait till a ‘better’ time to go. The problem is that people are dying daily who don’t know Jesus. They need to hear that message immediately.

Instead of waiting and not going, every believer needs to go quickly and spread the gospel message and not to stop until the job is completed and the whole world knows Jesus when He has returned.

As a believer, you probably know some people who do not know Jesus as their savior. You definitely meet people who you do not know whether they know Jesus or not.

Both groups of people need to hear the message about Jesus and salvation. Do not hold back and wait to get the message to them. Quickly go out and spread the gospel message. The world needs to hear the truth and you have it within your ability to give it to them.

Quickly do what needs to be done today, while there is time.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will tell everyone you meet and know about Jesus; that God will give you boldness and strength to go quickly and not stop; and that God will touch and change lives through your message.

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