1 Samuel 8:22 Getting What You Really Don’t Want

The Lord answered, “Listen to them and give them a king.” Then Samuel said to the Israelites, “Everyone go back to your own town.” 1 Samuel 8:22

There is always something that a person desires that he does not have. Often people will strive and fight for what they don’t have, thinking that it will be best for them to acquire.

Seldom will a person take into consideration the problems that will arise because they have that item. Sometimes having the item causes greater problems than not having it. The cost of having it is too high.

The people had requested that Samuel give them a king like the other nations around them. God told him to give them a king as they had requested.

Parents are sometimes good at not giving into giving a child his every desire, knowing that some things are not good for him. Yet, adults will be just like the child wanting things that are not necessarily good for them.

Believers will beg God and fight to get something that God does not want them to have. These things may not be sinful or even bad but are not what is best for them.

Many young people desire a luxury sports car, but do not take into consideration the cost of owning one, the monthly payments, the insurance, the taxes on it and the high cost of maintenance. Once they get what they want, they suddenly drown in problems with it.

God wants to only give what is best, but sometimes will give the desires that will cause problems in the end.

Instead of demanding something from God, believers must trust God’s choice of what to give or not give. He sees the bigger picture and the problems with getting that item, just as He knew the problems of having Israel get a king.

There may be some things that you are wanting to have that God is saying no to. Trust God’s wisdom in what you need and do not need and let go of those desires that may not be good for you in the end.

You do not want the problems that will come with getting everything you want that are not good for you. There will be greater contentment and blessing in having what God has for you, rather than getting only what you want.

What are you asking God for?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know what God wants you to have; that you will seek what God wants to give you; that you will be content with what God gives you; and that you will not fight God for what is not best for you.

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