Judges 1:28 Not Finishing The Job

When Israel became strong, they pressed the Canaanites into forced labor but never drove them out completely. Judges 1: 28

Every workplace has tasks that the workers must complete. It is expected that the worker will complete all of his tasks, regardless of how easy or difficult it is.

If the task does not get completed there are usually negative consequences. Incompletion can result in bad work, items breaking down, problems for other workers, termination and more.

Jobs needing to be done can also be found outside the workplace in the home, community, church and other locations.

The Israelites did not completely drive out the Canaanites as God directed them to do. They just put the Canaanites into forced labor.

God is always wanting the enemy to be pushed out. Having the enemy inside a camp is an open door for the attacks of the enemy and the negative influence of the enemy.

Although most believers do not have to physically fight against an enemy, they do have enemies. The world is seeking to destroy the believer in any way possible.

Instead of just physical enemies in one’s life, there are spiritual enemies. Sinful things and old sinful ways of doing things must be destroyed and cast out. Allowing those sinful ways to remain will only set the believer up for failure and to reject God and His ways of doing things.

Too many believers choose to not complete the work or allow God to complete the work started in their lives.

Believers are to be a new creation in Christ Jesus, changed into a new person. The old is dead and gone, done away with, crucified with Christ and risen with new life. Completion of this job must be accomplished for the believer to receive a ‘well done, good and faithful servant’ in the end.

At the moment you chose to become a believer and follower of Jesus, you had a new work started in you. That job is to make you more like Christ every day, rejecting and casting out all sin in your life. Jesus has started the work and you must continue to carry it on in His strength unto completion.

If you choose to not complete the work, you are giving the enemy a foothold in your life to sin against God. Do not quit or give up the work God has started in your life but allow the job to be finished.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will reveal the work you need to finish; that God will give you strength to drive out the enemy in your life; and that you complete the work God has for you to do.

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  1. But all jobs are of God’s work they are the devils work in disguise and the devils works doesn’t have to appear to be something bad but if you realize that it is something bad and you leave it alone you still experience punishment or even something worse also how do you know if it is not a spiritual organization posing as God to fool you?

    1. Thank you for your reading and comment. I agree that the devil can pose as an angel of light and do “good looking” works.
      The only way one can know if something is of God or not is by the leading of the Holy Spirit. God can give discernment as to whether something or someone is of Him or not. Paul called out a girl speaking truth in the wrong way in Acts 16. He only knew this by God’s Spirit leading. I hope this helps you and answers your question.
      Have a blessed day in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

      1. Thank you for your response. In me looking at my life I have seen how God works and the devil but why does the devil in human form always show up good looking also it always seem to be the most favored tactic but I believe that God has a Plan and “ I Can’t Wait” to see what the phenomenal God does for us all who believe.

      2. I agree with you on waiting to see what God is going to do. The devil’s name means ‘deceiver’. He comes to deceive believers into following him and selfish sinful ways. He began it in the Garden of Eden twisting God’s words to deceive them and later did it with Jesus. So there is nothing to stop him from doing it to us today. If he came to us in his full ugliness, most people would run away scared or knowing who he is. However, under guise, he can fool a lot of people.
        Keep your eyes on Jesus and always be led by the Holy Spirit and the devil will never deceive you.
        Have a blessed day in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

      3. Amen and deeply understood. You know I think sometimes the devil is so strategic that he will even go as far as to use your family and make you think things are crazy but from experience when you see the people around you and they seem different check your wifi because the devil uses people to control you through your wifi actually I see it and it’s fascinating but not interested in those kinds of works because if god used people through wifi he would do good not bad. I see all kinds of devil works through computer use-wifi and I can go into depth about wifi but I will just give that to God. Amen

      4. Nikel,
        I have read your statement and I believe that in the end you are saying that the Bible is a lie. With all of your statements and concepts presented I do not see any factual information on this, if that is what you are actually saying. There is proof that a lot of what was written in the Bible is factual and can be proven as to what was written. The names of people, places, dates and times of many different events recorded in the Bible can be proven true.
        My question to you then is: How do you know that you will get into heaven when you die?

        Thank you.

      5. Heyyyy Tom Goodday well honestly Tom my belief is NOBODY knows what happens when we die also my apologies if you misunderstood me but the bible is very powerful as a matter of fact my bible sleeps in the bed with me , I read it and often times I hug it to help lull me to sleep but I believe in love, giving and receiving, also I do believe in the most high and can only wish for the best. Also, Tom, I am not here to doubt or challenge you, but have a beautiful day and many blessings.

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