Exodus 22:22 Don’t Take Advantage Of The Weak

Do not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless. Exodus 22:22

All around the world there are people who focus on taking advantage of those who are weaker. They seek out people who are weak and struggling in life and offer them safety or provision at an extremely high price tag.

This type of thing is most commonly heard of in human trafficking, both in the sex and working worlds. Yet it can happen in many other situations in life. The wealthy often prey on the weak and take advantage of them to get more wealth.

One of the laws God put in place for the Israelites was to not take advantage of the widow or the fatherless.

In the ancient world the widow and the fatherless did not have anyone to provide for their needs. They would struggle to get food, clothing and shelter. Some would give them what they needed, but only after extreme hard and dangerous work to be done.

These types of actions are still common to this day in the modern world. As the world is doing these actions, there are some in the church who do the same.

Elders and leaders in the church push people to give or do more than they are called to do when they are a widow or fatherless. Outside the church walls, many believing managers demand extreme work with very low pay or benefits of their workers.

God will hear the cry of these people and get vengeance in the end. He is a God is treats all the same and expects His people to do the same.

The true believer in God will treat everyone the same whether wealthy or poor, widowed or married or single, fatherless or with a father or in any other situation in life. He will not take advantage of their situation, but lift them up and bless them.

You are in a position where there will be people who are in need and are weaker than you are around you. Do not allow yourself to take advantage of their situation and your position to use them unfairly.

Treat everyone equally with the perfect love of God. Rather than taking advantage of them, serve them as Jesus did. This will point people towards the love of God and draw them to salvation in Jesus, rather than push them away.

How can you help someone today?

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will love others with God’s perfect love; that God will guide you in not taking advantage of those who are weaker; and that God will guide you in building others up rather than using them.

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