Genesis 50:19 Don’t Take God’s Place

But Joseph said to them, “Don’t be afraid. Am I in the place of God?” Genesis 50:19

People who are in very high positions of authority will often feel they have more power and control than they really have. God is ignored and the leading is completely from the human point of view.

Everything is done in ways that benefits the individual in the immediate here and now, not from an eternal viewpoint. Some will go to the point of claiming that they are God and in complete control. Others will act the same way without the claim of being God.

After Abraham had died, Joseph’s brothers were worried that Joseph would get revenge on them. Joseph told them that he is not in the place of God to do that.

Every person will have times that they will be betrayed and harmed by someone else. It is difficult enough when it is by someone who is not family, but it is even more difficult when it is family who has done the betrayal. Many families are divided and separated due to betrayal and vengeance.

The true believer will not look at only the immediate circumstance, but at what God is doing in the bigger eternal picture. Having this view will give the believer the perspective of what God is doing and why difficulties are allowed to occur in his life.

Looking back on his life, Joseph realized that God used his brother’s betrayal to save them in the end and chose not to get revenge.

As a believer steps back and sees what God has done and is doing, he will be able to accept what has occurred and use it for God’s glory. He will not place himself in God’s position of authority and judge, but trust God’s work and be led by God for each step of his life.

You have probably been betrayed by a family member or a close friend. It was something that was painful and difficult to get through.

Rather than seeking revenge, bring it to God. Allow God to open your eyes to what He is doing in and through that situation in your life. Keep in mind all the times you have betrayed Jesus and yet He still loves and cares for you and is willing to forgive you and move on.

Allow God to be God and you to be His servant.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s work in your life; that you will see how God is using situations in your life to build you and His kingdom; and that you will allow God to judge and deal with those who betrayed you.

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