Genesis 40:23 Forgetting Those Who Helped

The chief cupbearer, however, did not remember Joseph; he forgot him. Genesis 40:23

Nearly every time something is extremely important to a person, he will remember it. People will often do what it takes to remember something important, leaving notes, setting alarms, etc.

Other times there are things that are not considered to be very important. Many get caught up in the moment, forgetting what was needed. The one who is supposed to remember will forget it, often at the detriment of other people.

Sometimes this forgetting can be a sign of selfishness, looking only to one’s own self’s interests and forgetting others.

Joseph had correctly interpreted a dream the cupbearer had. He had asked the cupbearer to remember him in prison. The cupbearer forgot about Joseph when his dream came true.

No one makes it completely through this life without the help of someone else. Nearly all the time every person needs at least some help from someone else. At times that help is extremely urgent.

The first thing a person should do when receiving help is giving thanks. The next thing one should do is return the help if possible and it is needed.

Although it does take some time and effort to return some help, it can show respect, gratitude and the love of God.

Every believer starts with having been helped by Jesus to remove his sins and give life. With this new life, he also begins to remember Jesus and pay it forward the help he had received.

No person will ever be able to give the amount of help Jesus did, but everyone is able to help in some way. Instead of forgetting those who have helped, one should remember them and seek to find ways to help them back.

Think about all of the ways different people have helped you in your past. Think about how much Jesus has helped you. Ask yourself if you have forgotten how those people have helped you.

Do not allow yourself to take that help for granted and forget them. Ask them and ask God how you may be able to return the help. At a minimum you can bring them before God in prayer. Ask God to touch their lives, bless them and meet their needs.

As you do these things, God will open doors for you to return help to others as they need it. Don’t forget those who helped you.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will be grateful for and remember those who have helped you; that God will open your eyes to how you can help others; and that you will not forget all that God has done for you.

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