Genesis 35:2 Get Rid Of All Foreign gods

So Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, “Get rid of the foreign gods you have with you and purify yourselves and change your clothes.” Genesis 35:2

Around the world there are groups of people who worship physical statues that are idols of their gods. Often this is thought of just groups of native and primitive people from third world nations.

Yet throughout every nation there are people who worship idols of various forms every day. Many will not call these idols gods, as some do, but they are their gods.

After being told by God to go and build an altar, Jacob told his family and people with him to get rid of all foreign gods, purify themselves and change their clothes. He was preparing to go and guild that altar.

The gods that many people worship, but refuse to call a ‘god’, are the things that people place above everything else in their lives.

It is very easy for things to gain importance in one’s life. These things can cost a lot of money or time to purchase and so one wants to take care of it and treasure them. In the process of taking care of these things, other people and God gets left out of the picture.

As God is left out of the picture, their clothes are soiled by stepping into sinful practices and ignoring God’s commands. This does not often occur quickly, but slowly over time, allowing the world to have a foothold in one’s life, pulling him away from God.

Rather than allow these idols in one’s life, every believer needs to cast out these foreign idols and turn to God. He must allow Jesus to purify him from all sin, changing his clothing so that he is wearing robes of Christ’s righteousness and can build an altar to God.

Take time to examine your life and determine if you have allowed any foreign idols in your life. Is there anything in your life that takes your focus away from God? That thing is a foreign idol.

You are no longer a member of the world, if you believe in Jesus, but are a member of God’s family. Cast out those idols and allow Jesus to be the Master of your life. Jesus is waiting to purify you and cloth you in righteousness and holiness.

Allow God to be the only god in your life.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that God will reveal any idols in your life; that God will strengthen you to get rid of any idols in your life; that you will allow Jesus to purify you of all sin and cloth you in His righteousness; and that God will be your only god.

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