Thanksgiving 2021

As God has blessed me with seeing another Thanksgiving in my life, I want to give some thanks and share some of His wonderful deeds in my life.

I thank God for:

1) Jesus paying the price for my sins

2) The salvation given to me

3) His great love for me

4) His Holy Spirit guiding me

5) My wonderful wife and marriage of 29 years

6) My 2 wonderful daughters

7) My 6 wonderful boys

8) My great son-in-law

9) My great daughter-in-law

10) My wonderful grandson

11) My great pastor

12) The jobs I have and had

13) His provision of food

14) The house I live in

15) His provision of vehicles

16) My wonderful dog

17) The 20+ wonderful cats

18) Friends

19) Extended family members

20) Living in Texas

21) Living in the country

22) My health

23) His protection in an accident my wife and I were in

24) His healing touch many times

25) His word-the Bible

26) The freedom to be able to worship Him openly

27) The struggles that have pushed me closer to Him

28) The many readers of my blog

29) The lives God has touched through me

30) The air that I breath

31) The stars and moon at night

32) The sun during the day

33) The needed rain

34) Cooler days

35) All my clothing

36) My hearing

37) My vision

38) The places I have been able to travel and see

39) Missionaries around the world

40) God fearing leaders in my life

41) The computer I use to write this blog

42) The internet to reach people around the world

43) Memories of all the good things God has done

44) The many experiences I have had

45) The large library of books I have

46) Godly speakers who have spoken into my life

47) The land that I own

48) The men’s group at our church

49) Our small bible study group

50) God’s presence in my life

51) The education I have had over the years

52) My time in the Army and National Guards

53) Living in the United States of America

54) The years I have lived on this earth

This is just a small list of one or more things that I am thankful to God for. It is one for each year that God has allowed me to live on this earth.

As I give thanks to God today, and every day, what are you thankful for? How has God blessed you?

Take time to give thanks to God and tell someone of what He has done in your life.

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