1 Timothy 5:25 All Deeds Will Be Revealed

In the same way, good deeds are obvious, and even those that are not obvious cannot remain hidden forever. 1 Timothy 5:25

When a person does something good, he often expects to be recognized for what he did. Very often, in order to ensure recognition. the person will stand up and announce what he did to everyone else.

Celebrities will have reporters taking a ton of pictures and broadcast it across the news as to what they did. Others will post it everywhere on social media sites promoting themselves. The world wants to make sure everyone knows what they did.

As Paul is talking about helping others out and meeting their needs, he states that good deeds are seen by others. He also points out that some, not so obvious deeds, will not remain hidden forever but will be seen.

It is common for many people to do some good deed and expect to get some recognition. When the recognition does not come, many will get discouraged and angry and stop doing the good deeds. Many will feel as if no one cares about what they did and that their work was worthless if no one recognizes it.

Reality is that God sees all good deeds, no matter how hidden they are. Every good deed will eventually be revealed. Whether it is the person serving meals to the homeless openly on the streets or it is the person cleaning the toilets in the night at the church, their deeds will be seen.

No one should get discouraged or give up when it appears as though their deeds are not being seen. The moment one stops the good deeds, someone will notice and something will fall apart.

As every believer keeps doing good deeds with his abilities, everyone is built up and God is able to pour out more blessings.

You may have some good deed that you do that no one seems to know about. It may feel discouraging to keep doing it, but keep on doing that deed. God is watching and seeing that deed be done and will reveal it to the world in its proper time.

Just as God is always working behind the scenes to bless you and meet your needs, do the same for others. Do not worry about recognition, knowing that God recognizes it and will reward you in the proper time.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will do the good deeds God has set before you to do; that you will look to God for your reward; and that you will do all that you do because of the love of God for you and for others.

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