2 Thessalonians 2:15 Hold On Tightly

So then, brothers and sisters, stand firm and hold fast to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter. 2 Thessalonians 2:15

Things that are popular in the world change on an almost daily basis. One way of doing things is popular today, and then the next day something takes its place.

As a result, things that are believed to be true one day are often disbelieved the next. Many are working to change what the history books state about different situations. The world does not like to stand firm on anything but what feels good in the moment.

After describing how many will believe in lies, Paul encourages the people to stand firm and hold on to what they have already been taught.

The world does not really hold to any rock solid standard that stays the same forever. Views and expectations change on a constant basis. Changing views occur in order to accommodate the feelings of the people in the moment, with no regard to the future or the bigger picture.

Without a solid foundation, things eventually fall into chaos and confusion.

Some in the church have chosen to believe in and embrace the lies and deception of this world. Rejection of what God’s word says has crept into the church body.

God’s word has remained true and faithful for thousands of years and has not changed. God, Himself, has also remained faithful and true for thousands of years and has never changed at all.

Believers, who have chosen to fully sell out to God, continue to focus on what God’s word says and hold to its teachings. They will stand firm and not be continually moved to every whim and wave of changing doctrine or belief that comes their way.

Every day you will hear of things that attempt to change what God’s word says. Temptations to accept sin and false teachings will abound in all around you.

Put your focus upon God’s word and stand firm on it. Hold fast to what God has already taught you. Tie a rope around yourself with God’s word and do not allow yourself to be moved to believe in the lies and deception of the enemy.

God and His word will remain true and faithful forever, never changing as the world does on a regular basis.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Lord and Savior; that you will know God’s teachings in your heart and life; that you will hold fast to God’s word everyday; that God will guide you in knowing His truth; and that God will protect you from being swayed by the deception of this world.

5 thoughts on “2 Thessalonians 2:15 Hold On Tightly

  1. I think the Bible is overrated- we focus on the written words more than the Speaker. Jesus said, “Believe in me.”
    Yes, the Bible is written that we may know him, yet he is the Word I’m holding to firm: “I am the LORD, I change not.”
    Bible words can be rearranged and changed to suit creeds and doctrine. Jesus said, “Come unto me.”

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    • Thank you for your thoughts. The only way the Bible can become overrated is if one neglects his relationship with God. John says that the word was in the beginning and was God and became flesh–Jesus. It is the Bible that reveals who God is and His plan of salvation through Jesus. Without it you cannot really know Jesus, since He Is the Word.

      Yes, people can change words and misuse them, but God has inspired those words. If taken in context correctly, they are truth. The Bible is not wrong, but people interpreting them are wrong.

      It should never be all the Bible, without a relationship with Jesus, nor should it be all a relationship with Jesus without the Bible. Some get both sides of this mixed up or lean to one side or the other too much. It needs to be both together.

      If the Bible was not important, why would God have made it and preserved it, despite the world trying to destroy it?

      I trust you understand what I am trying to say. Have a blessed day in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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  2. And I thank you for reading my thoughts. I wonder that we get caught up knowing the bible, and not the Christ via a day to day personal relationship. ‘Behold, now is the day.. today if you will hear his voice.’

    And I believe the writers are inspired by God, not the words. The bible is important, yet not comparable to the ‘Word of life.. the express image of God.’ Though we hold the Bible high, our relationship is with God.

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    • That is a sad truth about the idea of knowing the Bible without knowing God or Jesus of the Bible. That is where the Pharisees had messed up. Jesus said to do as they taught, not as they did. They didn’t have a relationship with God.

      However I believe the words are God. It is God and His heart revealed in the language of people. And as with any communication, words can be misunderstood or twisted. But His word is alive and active, sharper than any two edged sword.

      Both the Bible and a relationship with God are equally important and should never be separated.

      Have a blessed day in our Lord Jesus Christ.

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