Acts 14:22 Remain True

strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to remain true to the faith. “We must go through many hardships to enter the kingdom of God,” they said. Acts 14:22

Doing anything that is worthwhile often involves difficulties and hardships. Many people will often back down from doing something when they hit a large wall of difficulty in it. Instead of pushing through the challenges, people want to take the easier road, giving up and doing something different.

Those who are highly successful and accomplished, are the ones who never gave up and remained true to their goal.

As Paul and Barnabas preaching and reaching new believers, he gives a word of encouragement to remain true to the faith, alongside a warning of hardships to be endured.

One of the common beliefs of being a believer is that as a believer one will no longer have any troubles or hardships in his life. It is a belief that life will be easy, because God is for the believer.

Although God is for a person and on his side, there is still sin in this world and with sin, there is also trouble. Satan and the world does not want a believer to move forward with God and will throw anything and everything against him to stop him. These troubles could be simple struggles to pay the bills all the way up to direct persecution, threatening one’s life.

The challenge for the believer is to remain true to his faith in God. He should never back down or give up on his faith when trouble comes his way. He must continue to trust in God and His word, knowing that God will win in the end. As God wins, so will he, if he remains true to His word.

Even as a believer, you will have many struggles in this life. Life will be extremely difficult at times, with no end in direct sight. The struggles may even be to the point of threatening your very physical life.

Instead of focusing on the troubles and being discouraged, look to Jesus, who overcame death on the cross to give you victory. Jesus went through the greatest struggle of all time and won. In Him, you can win also.

Hold on to what you know of Jesus and God. Don’t give up the faith, but remain true to God. In the end you will win with God on your side, if you remain true in your faith.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know what Jesus has gone through for you; that you will know God will bring you through all struggles; and that you will not back down on your faith in God as struggles come.

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