Hebrews 5:8 Obedience Through Suffering

Son though he was, he learned obedience from what he suffered Hebrews 5:8

Learning is something that everyone needs to do. People have to learn how to do many different things. It starts as a baby and continues for the rest of one’s life.

The process of learning is sometimes very easy and other times very difficult. Many times it is often a process of trial and error.

In order to learn, one must be willing to discipline himself to hold to a certain way of doing something. It takes one to put aside old ways and doing something new or different.

The author of Hebrews Jesus as the Son of God, yet, points out that He had to learn obedience. This obedience was learned by suffering.

No one really wants to suffer. Suffering often portrays a bad connotation and people often avoid it. In the process of learning something new, there is always an element of suffering or pain. The suffering is giving up old ways, putting aside fun to learn, and staying motivated when it looks rough.

Every believer is supposed to be in complete, perfect obedience of God. Learning to do this is a process of going through difficult times…suffering. It is putting of self and focusing upon what God wants, rather than what self wants.

The more one can put aside selfish desires and do what God wants, the more he learns to be obedient towards God. He begins to realize that everything God has for him to do is for his benefit and to build His kingdom.

Since God is infinite, there is never an end to learning to be more obedient towards God. There will always be something new to learn and trust God in. God will always bring a believer to new levels.

When struggles come your way or you need to give up something, realize it is a training ground for your faith in God. Do not lose faith and give up on God when struggles come, but grow in your faith and obedience towards God.

Allow God to build you into the man or woman of faith that mirrors the image of God. Discipline yourself to say no to your own selfish desires and yes towards what God has for you.

The suffering that you are going through is only light and momentary in light of the eternal life that is to come and the lessons being learned.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will learn to obey God in every area of life; that you will allow God to teach you obedience; that you will trust God in everything; and that learn as Jesus learned.

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