Malachi 2:7 Preserve And Share Knowledge

For the lips of a priest ought to preserve knowledge, because he is the messenger of the Lord Almighty and people seek instruction from his mouth. Malachi 2:7

Teachers are often the only people expected to have great knowledge to teach to other people. Most people do not want to teach anyone else, although they will readily share their knowledge or insight into some situation.

It is museums that people look to in order to find preserved knowledge. To find information people will just do a Google or YouTube search for it. Getting information from an individual is not as common as it once was.

God says that it is the priest who should hold on to knowledge and pass it on to other people. People should seek the needed knowledge from the priest.

During the Old Testament times, it was the priests who acted as the pastor, doctor, historian and lawyer. The people went to the priest for nearly everything. However, over time that has changed. People look to things and people of the world for their information and direction.

This should not be. Believers, who have God’s Holy Spirit within them, should be on the forefront of knowledge and instruction. Every believer is a priest in God’s house and have been given all authority in heaven and earth by Jesus to lead and teach others.

It is the believer who is to disciple others. He has to preserve the knowledge of God and His word in this world. God’s word guides how to live and act in every situation in life and it is the believer who needs to share this information.

Sadly, many believers have given up this right and do not share God’s word to this world. They hold the information to themselves.

As a believer, God has also given you His Holy Spirit to give you the words to speak. God has given you the ability to preserve His truth in this fallen and dark world. Do not be afraid to share what you know about God and His word to those who need to hear it.

When you are silent, the knowledge will go away. The false information being taught by the world will speak up and lead the people. Truth will be covered up and lies will be spoken.

If or when that happens, God will turn His back upon His people and this world. Be the preserver and teacher of truth today.

Today I pray that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that you will know God’s word; that you will share and teach God’s word; and that you will disciple others in what God’s word says.

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