Ezekiel 14:6 Repent And Turn

Faded person on railroad

Therefore say to the people of Israel, ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Repent! Turn from your idols and renounce all your detestable practices!’ Ezekiel 14:6 

Admission of having done something wrong is not something that most people like or are willing to do. Most often people will attempt to excuse their behavior or actions away. In excusing their actions, many will attempt to blame others or society for why they are the way they are or why they did what they did.

Very rarely do people see that what they are doing may be wrong. Actions are done because it seems right in their own eyes and many others are already doing it, so it must be acceptable.

God points out to Ezekiel that the elders of Israel, who had came to Ezekiel, were hiding idols in their hearts. God tells them to repent and get rid of the idols in their hearts.

In some nations, physical idols are still worshipped by the people. In many countries, physical idol worship is rarely seen. Most people realize that they physical idol is really nothing at all.

However, in every country, people set up and worship idols in their hearts. There are things that they hold onto in their hearts over anything else, including God.

Sinful practices are idols that are inside the heart. Some of these practices are: greed, selfishness, pride, hatred, vengeance, lying, cheating, sexual thoughts, and more. Most often these are inside the heart set up against God and His ways.

It is common for believers to hide these secret sins in their hearts to the point that they are idols in their hearts.

God tells the people to repent and turn from all these idols. It is either worship God alone, or worship the false gods. It is not both.

Only you and God knows what is in your heart and what is on the throne of your heart. Very few people do not have some idol in their heart that goes against God. You have to make a choice as to who or what will be on the throne of your heart.

You may choose to live in sin or hide sin or idols in your heart, but then there is the consequence of God’s judgement against you for those sins. You can also choose to be forgiven.

To be forgiven, you must repent of those idols and turn to God. Turn away from sin and accept God’s forgiveness and receive His life for you.

I pray today that you will know Jesus as your Savior; that God will help you to see any idols in your heart; that you will repent of any sins before God; and that you will follow God with all of your heart. 

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